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This confluence space is the gathering place for folks interested in teaching, learning and assessment within the Sakai community. We encourage you to join the "Apereo Teaching & Learning" discussion group, and feel free to e-mail apereoTL@apereo.org with questions.

T&L/UX Meetings

The Apereo Teaching and Learning (T&L) Group and the UX Group have a combined meeting at 11AM ET on the first and third Wednesday of each month to discuss and identify areas of interest and individuals who would like to contribute to working in these areas over the coming year. If you have questions or topics you want to present or hear, please email one of the meeting facilitators .

All Apereo community members are welcome on these calls.

Meet the Teaching and Learning Call Facilitator

Wilma Hodges
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Meeting Logistics

We are currently meeting on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM Eastern Time (UTC -5). If you are in a time zone that prevents you from participating during this time, please contact any of the meeting facilitators to discuss other ways of participating.

Join Meetings via Web Conference and Etherpad

We use Big Blue Button as the online meeting space and Etherpad to capture attendees and meeting notes.

  1. Join the Web Conference

    1. Join Big Blue Button (hosted by Blindsidenetworks.net): http://apereo.blindsidenetworks.net/apereo/

    2. Choose Room 2 from the pop-down.

    3. Enter the password (join the ApereoTL email list or contact any of the meeting facilitators for the password).

    4. For audio by phone, dial: (352) 327-4267 or (855) 215-5935 (United States toll-free), then enter 27617# as the conference PIN number.

  2. Sign into Etherpad by clicking the hyperlinked Agenda topic in the Upcoming Meeting Schedule (at right).

Upcoming Meeting Schedule & Agenda Topics


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July 17, 2024



July 3, 2024

Submission history mockups - review/feedback and Feedback on New LTI "Add learning app" UI

Wilma Hodges, Dr Chuck

June 26, 2024

Dashboard tool - filtering widget data and Jirapalooza

Wilma Hodges

June 5, 2024

Sakai Dashboard tool - potential improvements

Wilma Hodges

May 15, 2024

Review and discuss the UI for overall Notifications preferences and Jirapalooza

Wilma Hodges

May 1, 2024

Push Notifications in Sakai - Review and discuss roll out for this new feature

Wilma Hodges, Adrian Fish

April 17, 2024

Assignment status mockup review

Wilma Hodges

April 3, 2024

Assignment statuses continued

Wilma Hodges

March 20, 2024

Assignment statuses

Wilma Hodges

March 6, 2024

no meeting


February 28, 2024

Jirapalooza and Sakai Properties

Wilma Hodges

February 7, 2024

Jirapalooza and Sakai Properties

Wilma Hodges

January 17, 2024

Jirapalooza and Instr. Design for Dr. Chuck’s courses in Sakai Plus

Wilma Hodges

January 3, 2024

No meeting - first week back from break


December 20, 2023

No meeting - end of term holidays


December 6, 2023



November 14, 2023

No meeting - Sakai Virtual Conference that day


November 1, 2023

SakaiPlus Demo and Jirapalooza

Dr Chuck, All

October 18, 2023

SakaiPlus slides and pitch - feedback and discussion

Dr. Chuck

October 4, 2023

Unidigital Plan New Features Update from EDF


September 20, 2023

Sakai 23 new features, Mini-Jirapalooza

Wilma Hodges

September 6, 2023



August 16, 2023


Wilma Hodges

August 2, 2023

Expectations for TA permissions in Sakai

Wilma Hodges

July 19, 2023

canceled due to SakaiCon


July 5, 2023


Wilma Hodges

June 21, 2023



June 7, 2023

Review and Discuss Sakai Portal UI latest changes

Wilma Hodges

May 17, 2023

Discussion re Non-numeric grading in Sakai

Wilma Hodges

May 3, 2023

S2U update and Demo of Backchat tool

EDF (S2U), and Henk Louw from NWU (Backchat)

Apr. 19, 2023

Sakai 23 Portal Changes - UX Testing Results

Wilma Hodges

Apr. 5, 2023



Mar. 15, 2023

Demo of new MS Admin Tool UI in Sakai from S2U, and Discussion about Bulk Publishing Options in Sakai

EDF, Christina Schwiebert

Mar. 1, 2023


Wilma Hodges

Feb. 15, 2023

Sakai Camp Highlights and Trinity UI Feedback


Feb. 1, 2023

Xerte Escape Room: Building Basics

Wilma Hodges

Jan. 18, 2023

Sakai Roadmap review

Josh Wilson

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