Project: SAMigo

Tests and Quizzes (aka. SAMigo)

Tests and Quizzes, also known as SAMigo, is an online assessment tool for teaching and learning that runs within the Sakai open-source LMS/CLE.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Assessment Types:  Online tests/quizzes, homework questions, problem sets, self-study questions, compositions, projects, language drills, and surveys are all types of assessments that can be created and managed by SAMigo.  Assessment Types can be preset to mitigate complexity for instructors.
  • Organizing and Publishing of Assessments:  Assessments can be organized into parts with questions in each part. Parts and questions can be reordered. Instructors can specify release date, due date, and/or retract date of an assessment. It supports both automatic and manual grading as well as many other settings including late handling, limit to the number of submissions, anonymous grading, feedback, and high security settings.
  • Questions:  SAMigo supports rich-text editing of a variety of question types including Multiple Choice, Survey, Short Answer/Essay, True/False, Fill in the Blank, File Upload, and Audio Recording.
  • Managing assessment-taking:  SAMigo delivers assessments to students based on a rich set of settings configured during authoring, such as randomized questions and answers, timed assessment with auto submit, high security assessments with restricted IP and secondary password, feedback settings, as well as the option to automatically send grades to Sakai's Gradebook tool.
  • Question Pools: SAMigo has a repository of questions that can be used to store and organize questions. These questions can be copied to an assessment individually or a selection of can be drawn randomly from a particular question pool.
  • Importing/Exporting:  Assessments can be exported/imported via IMS QTI xml format. QTI version 1.2 is currently supported.

For a complete list of features, go to SAMigo features list

Recent News

Samigo 2.7 has been released. See 2.7 Release Notes

Samigo 2.6 has been released. See 2.6 Release Notes

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SAMigo Release Process

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