Jira Triage

The Jira Triage working group meets weekly to review newly created Jira tickets for Sakai. 

Newly created Jira tickets are in an "awaiting review" status. The Jira Triage group reviews these tickets weekly to ensure that the ticket contains all required information for the developers to begin working.

The Triage team will help ensure that:

  • The ticket summary is clear and matches the issue.
  • A test plan is provided when needed, and the test plan contains the clear steps to identify if/when this issue is resolved.
  • The ticket priority is set according to Sakai community policies
  • Components are listed.
  • The affected versions are listed.
  • Any appropriate labels are applied to flag this issue for other working groups (ie Accessibility, Teaching & Learning, UX)

After review, the ticket status is updated.

  • Open: Ticket has been reviewed and is ready to be worked on or discussed by other working groups as needed.
  • Awaiting Information: The ticket is missing key information, such as affected versions, test plan, or key details. The ticket can be opened once this information is provided.
  • Closed - Duplicate: The ticket duplicates an existing Jira ticket. The duplicate ticket will be linked. 

Sakai Jira Guidelines