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Release notes - Sakai - Version 22.0


SAK-47137 Excel failed in "Assignments by student".

SAK-47136 Wrong text box in student view

SAK-47117 Gradebook import fails if 2 students have the same name (but different IDs)

SAK-47113 Dashboard and Gradebook: Not released gradebook items are visible to the students via dashboard

SAK-47104 Assignments: Allow extension no longer allows student to submit

SAK-47085 Last Spanish translations before 22.0

SAK-47063 Search-Resources: Secure access files are found with Search and student can access contents

SAK-47049 Disable property: Add "direct-upload" endpoint to content entity provider

SAK-47044 Portal Search-Discussion Post: stacktrace on search - RuntimeException:Fatal error trying to execute custom action method

SAK-47035 Assignments: In Progress state not indicated and not retained

SAK-47029 BasicLTI: Unable to add LTI 1.3 tool with auto-config, root cause: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org-apache-ignite-springdata-proxy-IgniteNodeCacheProxy

SAK-47025 Security - Any student can access the pasted images of ANY OTHER student because of SAK-44785

SAK-47018 Upgrade Ignite to 2.12.0

SAK-47006 Ignite improved detection of slow nodes

SAK-47005 Morpheus | Missing icons in Safari

SAK-46979 Dashboard: 4928 x 3264 image!! Slow loading

SAK-46977 Statistics / making tool available to users

SAK-46969 Ignite failure handler ignores certain FailureTypes

SAK-46968 Assignments-Extension: Extension is only available to student if the instructor saves & releases - Sakai Grader

SAK-46963 Spanish translation before RC 22

SAK-46948 Rubrics addition of all a user's groups to the JWT token can exceed server header allowances

SAK-46943 RUBRICS: Save weights should update the weights on public rubric

SAK-46942 Grades in samigo could be not visible because the full grade row does not fit the device width

SAK-46941 RUBRICS: Missing points on rubric when weighted

SAK-46940 Rubrics: Weights are missing on the public rubric

SAK-46939 Site Info > Create new group: Filter membership 400 error

SAK-46930 Tests & Quizzes: When grading by question and adding a rubric comment, cancelled rubric is still saved

SAK-46925 Assignments setting due and accept dates in the past will auto check the estimate time

SAK-46919 Remove sherlock from search tool. Sherlock was removed from OSX in 2007.

SAK-46918 Elasticsearch should not store the original json request or _source doc

SAK-46916 ORACLE Timesheet index name is too long

SAK-46915 Portal search results do not allow you to use the up/down arrow keys to navigate each result

SAK-46914 Disabling pagination message in Messages tool

SAK-46911 Assignments - Disable worklog on a site still shows elements of worklog

SAK-46894 Rubrics: Students cannot dismiss criterion comments

SAK-46886 Gradebook Editing TA permissions order is wrong

SAK-46884 Messages Always sending CC just shows text

SAK-46872 Error on Tsugi Tests when compiling with tests

SAK-46869 Admin Site Permissions: No mapping for GET /adminsiteperms/sitePerms.htm

SAK-46863 Cell style incorrect dates in excel

SAK-46859 When displaying the site title, fallback to a non-preferred category section title if a preferred category section title is not present

SAK-46858 Site Import > Assignments > Groups: The imported groups are locked

SAK-46852 List of gradebook items when creating/updating an assignment should be sorted alphabetically

SAK-46845 Survey question type broken

SAK-46844 Conversations | Statistics break after change to users enrolled

SAK-46843 Lessons: Typo in aria attribute of Questions status icons

SAK-46838 Searching using the search webcomponent hides the spyglass icon when you click a search result

SAK-46836 Remove html5shiv

SAK-46834 Elasticsearch should use random ports if the defaults are not available

SAK-46832 Upgrade ElasticSearch to 7.16.3

SAK-46827 Message for rubric grades saved as draft is confusing

SAK-46824 Rubrics > Duplicate Assignments > Import from Site > Rubric Attachment Issue

SAK-46817 Lessons poll doesn't show students poll results when there are no correct answers and send to gradebook is enabled

SAK-46813 Conversations: Missing namespace on all scss files

SAK-46811 SiteInfo > Groups: Filter membership TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'checked')

SAK-46809 Assignment: Allow extension is missing using Sakai Grader

SAK-46804 ERROR 404 Library - lang.js

SAK-46803 Sorting by grade is not working correctly when user locale use a comma as decimal separator

SAK-46802 Manage Groups: Filter Membership is not working correctly

SAK-46801 Site Info-Groups: if students are able to unjoin a group, or view membership, extra cells are added to the table

SAK-46790 Upgrade content to use jackson 2 lib vs 1.9

SAK-46781 Assignments-Rubric: Console error when releasing graded rubric

SAK-46777 Discussions Statistics & Grading is slow

SAK-46776 Add TTL for ignite cache entries

SAK-46772 Total Scores View fails when reviewing calculated questions with repeated formula

SAK-46758 Sorting is wrong on Sign-up

SAK-46754 getPendingMsgsInSiteByMembership is slow because it queries all rows in MFR_PERMISSION_LEVEL

SAK-46753 Signup: NPE with email to potential participants

SAK-46750 Home Dashboard displays MOTDs set to specify date regardless of date set

SAK-46749 Section Info: Instructor May Only Select Checkboxes When Changing from Automatically Managing to Manually Managing Class Sections

SAK-46746 User membership allows search when entering a space, which seems to bring back all records

SAK-46745 Dashboard: Layout cancel button says "chips"

SAK-46743 Sorting is wrong on submissions from Tests & Quizzes

SAK-46740 Reset password not working - NPE

SAK-46736 Admin Workspace: Delegated Access - Dark Theme Makes List Unreadable

SAK-46732 Admin Workspace: User Membership - Setting user status fails

SAK-46724 New Drop Box permissions are not included in !site.template, !site.template.course on new Sakai instances (I.e. using AutoDDL)

SAK-46722 Feedback tool: When setting the 'X-Content-Type-Options' header the tool does not load.

SAK-46707 Submission state on assignments should indicate if there is a resubmission pending

SAK-46691 Allow official instructor to be inactivated in Manage Participants

SAK-46690 Rubrics-Discussions: Unable to add a comment in the rubric when grading a topic

SAK-46686 Reimplementing showCalculatedGrade=false

SAK-46679 ORACLE: Error java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-01747: especificación no válida de usuario.tabla.columna, tabla.columna o columna

SAK-46678 Sections filter input could fail using languages that do use of single quote character

SAK-46676 Gradebook student filter should be accent insensitive

SAK-46675 Job Scheduler: Show all crept back in the drop-down

SAK-46665 Scheduler: Filter Events page not displaying, stack traces on the server

SAK-46655 Discussions: Improve text of alert message for open/close date validation

SAK-46654 Gradebook / unable to use course grade override when using percentages

SAK-46653 Dark Theme: Assignments - Viewing Assignment - Student View - Low Contrast

SAK-46648 Regression: Accounts: the same email address can be assigned to 2 different users

SAK-46641 Fixing @ToString(exclude TimeSheetEntry

SAK-46622 EntityCustomAction htmlForRef endpoint can cause an OOM when working with large files

SAK-46620 Grades are in 14 digits precision in the export_grades_bulk_download excel file

SAK-46618 Discussion link should copy to clipboard when clicking copy

SAK-46617 Tests & Quizzes: Exceptions have restrictions not present for non-excepted students

SAK-46615 GradebookNG: Importing grades by spreadsheets is not working when items contains comma as decimal separator

SAK-46612 Preferences tool is using the wrong property for the service name

SAK-46611 Samigo: Ordering by "Submit Date" not working correctly on non english environments

SAK-46610 ORACLE: Assignment Work log, change maxlength from 4096 to 4000

SAK-46608 Assigment Work Log change XXH XXM to XXh YYm

SAK-46606 Discussions link to topic not available

SAK-46605 Second LTI Grade Send Fails

SAK-46603 Entering a rubric criteria comment makes two fetch requests to the server in quick succession. On a slow connection this mangles the state on the server and effectively breaks the rubric evaluation

SAK-46600 Unable to delete Topics/Questions in Conversations

SAK-46599 No way for screen reader/keyboard users to toggle options on/off in the Settings of the Conversations tool

SAK-46594 Lessons | Subpage button color accessibility

SAK-46592 Sorting by ContentReview score is very slow

SAK-46590 Ensures select element has an accessible name

SAK-46588 Improve accessibility labeling on hidden tool icon

SAK-46584 Date Manager: Permission AUTH_MODIFY_CALENDAR_ANY shouldn't be checked to revise a calendar date on Date Manager

SAK-46583 Help: results percentage incorrectly displayed

SAK-46582 Discussons: missing key: 'cdfm_discussion_forums'

SAK-46578 Add more information to clusterinfo about the number of nodes in the cluster

SAK-46576 Messages: Permissions tab is shown asking if isInstructor() (wrong checking site.upd permission)

SAK-46567 Rubrics-GB-Assignments: Graded group submissions rubric does not display in the GB

SAK-46564 Rubrics are being saved as "Draft" when teachers view their own comments

SAK-46555 Text descriptions for Sign-up permissions view are not defined

SAK-46551 Assignments/LTI - Hide the Right Pane of the Sakai Grader to Avoid Data Inconcistency

SAK-46548 BasicLTI-Assignments-GB: When regrading the LTI assignment (already released to the student) there is unexpected behavior

SAK-46545 Participant member of 2 or more groups is being not shown in an assignment submissions list

SAK-46544 Remove log warn when removing user

SAK-46541 Assignment-External Tool - server logs: o.s.b.t.LTIAdminTool.initState No site ID set when in helper mode.

SAK-46540 Rubric | Copying a public weighted rubric does not bring across weight values

SAK-46539 Tests & Quizzes: Exception open/due time is modified on edit

SAK-46537 Profile | Nickname with birthday error

SAK-46535 Resources: improve the clarity of the secure access flag label

SAK-46534 T&Q: Set the secure access flag by default

SAK-46533 T&Q: Secure access for images in feedback

SAK-46532 Assignments/Grader: Feedback Comments dark theme

SAK-46531 Cannot grade "Checked" assignments in "old" grader

SAK-46529 Create Site: Message to replace "Re-use material..." is not present

SAK-46527 Remove oldentity package and EntityBrokerEntityProducer

SAK-46524 server-config discloses more info than necessary to not-logged-in users

SAK-46522 LESSONS: Colours are hardcoded when adding Layout

SAK-46521 LESSONS: Section Title is hardcoded

SAK-46517 Fill-in-the-blank question should substitute smart quotes and curly apostrophes

SAK-46514 GROUP is hardcoded on Site Info Tool

SAK-46507 Rubrics > Comment/Score workflow can result in lost data for a comment

SAK-46506 /x URL gives NPE

SAK-46500 Remove MessageBundleProperty from Second Level Cache

SAK-46498 Reopen - Samigo > Create/Edit > Settings > User selections lost/changed silently

SAK-46491 Eyeball crossed-out icon does not show on hidden Lesson when Subpage navigation is open

SAK-46489 T&Q: Uncaught ReferenceError: throttle is not defined

SAK-46488 T&Q: Export options flipped on screen, so the user is not getting the expected export file

SAK-46486 Profile - Accessibility - Tabbing does not highlight "Edit" button for previously edited item

SAK-46480 Sign-Up: Users are able to leave number of slots and number of attendees blank

SAK-46475 Gradebook: Category columns remain after categories disabled

SAK-46474 Gradebook: Include warning in Settings about course grade points / categories & weighting incompatability

SAK-46472 Chat: Messages Box That Displays Posts Is Low Readability Contrast With Dark Theme

SAK-46470 Assignments: java.text.ParseException: Unparseable number: "Ungraded"

SAK-46468 Hot Spot possible answers are not shown in 'Tests & Quizzes' when using 'Català' language

SAK-46467 Assignments / rubric data loss using classic grader and adjusting grade

SAK-46458 SAMIGO: Error when republish and regrade on Calculated Question

SAK-46456 Reorder using numbers is not working

SAK-46453 Remove @Transactional from AssignmentToolUtils#gradeSubmission

SAK-46447 ERROR: Caused by: java.lang.ArithmeticException: Division undefined

SAK-46446 Angle brackets are not recognized as answer in "Fill in the blank" questions in "Tests & Quizzes"

SAK-46444 Assignments: No Message Detailing If Or Why Assignment Submitted After Due Date Does Not Submit

SAK-46441 Assignments: Model Answer Saves Although the Required "Show to students" Drop-down Is Not Set

SAK-46439 Gradebook: When using keyboard navigation, item menus do not close until another item menu opens

SAK-46438 Gradebook: Item menus are not keyboard accessible when on far left/right of gradebook or category

SAK-46435 Assignment students score/grade is not visible after it has been released

SAK-46432 NPE When trying to Delete Assignments with Comments

SAK-46426 NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class cn.bluejoe.elfinder.controller.executors.OpenCommandExecutor

SAK-46424 Grader fails to load when score_type is switched

SAK-46423 Lessons - Error trying to remove and edit an item at same time in different web browser tabs

SAK-46422 ERROR: org.sakaiproject.lessonbuildertool.service.LessonBuilderEntityProducer.transferAttachmentFiles

SAK-46415 Assignments: Video assignments cannot be submitted

SAK-46414 Samigo should bypass byte array manipulation and provide direct link to asset

SAK-46412 Samigo remove caching set associations in AssessmentGradingData

SAK-46410 Can't initialise the course dashboard image as a non admin user

SAK-46408 Roster - Searching string with many matches does not return any result

SAK-46407 Update Lombok v1.18.22

SAK-46402 Tests are giving errors in kernel and Assignments, due to hibernate attempting to drop constraints on non-existent tables.

SAK-46401 Reopen: T&Q: Availability and Submissions should be the default section to open

SAK-46398 Samigo Audio Recorder banner error is missing it's style

SAK-46397 Name Pronunciation > Error with playback on mobile devices

SAK-46396 SAMIGO - Log error: " Broken pipe"

SAK-46393 Samigo - Unziped files from ZIP imported assessments are not been cleaned up after importation

SAK-46390 T&Q: If timed, no validation on initial save & publish, message rewording needed

SAK-46389 TQ: Stacktraces when trying to access settings

SAK-46386 Lessons - Stacktrace is shown to users in error

SAK-46385 Syllabus deletes or moves dates on bulk edit save

SAK-46383 Samigo - Audio Response pop up should display the question text

SAK-46382 Improve TimeService mock

SAK-46379 Update Apache Tomcat 9.0.54

SAK-46368 Discussions link to topic not available

SAK-46367 Update Rome 1.16.0

SAK-46362 Update Joda-time 2.10.12

SAK-46359 Null feedback attachments can break the grader

SAK-46357 CLONE - Reopened - Discussions > Statistics > Student View > Print Buttons do not work

SAK-46354 SAMIGO: Due Date/Time order for student on published assessments don't work

SAK-46353 CLONE - "Display in Conversation" option does not honor currently hidden topics or group permissions

SAK-46352 Discussions: Remove [display in thread] links for students

SAK-46351 Reopen - Discussions > Any Topic > "Forums" shows as breadcrumb

SAK-46345 Reopened - Discussions > Statistics > Student View > Print Buttons do not work

SAK-46343 Update Apache Wicket 9.5.0

SAK-46342 Samigo: Published assessment settings reference assessmentSettings

SAK-46341 Fix "Email" Tool

SAK-46340 Commons : refresh users who liked

SAK-46339 Discussions: Topic Settings - "Setting Cannot Be Changed" Message for Unidentified Setting

SAK-46338 Remove unsupported java endorsed dirs

SAK-46336 Some more problems in assessment settings

SAK-46332 Samigo throws an error when you trying to reorder questions by student scores using comma as decimal separator

SAK-46331 Some problems in assessment settings

SAK-46330 SAMIGO: Unable to set Settings on a Draft assessment

SAK-46329 Dashboard - can't create task

SAK-46325 Manage Groups: Locked groups and tools using groups are disappearing after a few minutes

SAK-46317 Conversations doesn't build because of missing jpa pom dependency

SAK-46316 Equal weight categories causing too many db calls

SAK-46315 Sign-up: Syntax error in copyMeeting.jsp

SAK-46314 Conversations: Need default permissions set

SAK-46312 Discrepancy in column name for table MFR_DRAFT_RECIPIENT_T

SAK-46304 Assignment Adding assignment with default grading off removes grading pane

SAK-46302 Lessons-Forums: Assign forum to specific group does not stick

SAK-46299 Date manager: validation message for Sign-up Begin Date and Sign-up End Date needs to be modified

SAK-46298 Assignments - Student's inline submission text is not submitted for content-review when using the Upload All feature

SAK-46297 Elasticsearch automatic http port detection

SAK-46296 Mathjax formulas are not displayable

SAK-46295 Section Info > Options > Improve Text Wrapping around Radio Buttons

SAK-46293 Elasticsearch shutdown index workers

SAK-46289 Profile: Text error should appears on UI while doing some actions

SAK-46288 Sitestats: There aren't any property for: conversations.topic.created and

SAK-46285 Postem: Incorrect view if student not in PostEm file

SAK-46284 NumberUtilTest and NoSuchBeanDefinitionException

SAK-46282 Discussions slow performance

SAK-46281 getAllResourcesWhereLike should escape the site id

SAK-46280 Discussions - If instructor sends email to a student from Discussions, the subject line replaces spaces and special characters with HTML code

SAK-46279 ERROR: ProfileDaoImpl.invalidateCurrentProfileImage invalidateCurrentProfileImage failed. class java.lang.NullPointerException: null

SAK-46274 Turnitin > originality report links for files containing plus signs causes 404

SAK-46273 Turnitin > files over 100mb should be rejected before attempted submission

SAK-46267 ERROR: org.sakaiproject.lessonbuildertool.service.LessonBuilderEntityProducer.makePage

SAK-46263 Kernel:-impl: Update Dependencies have versions

SAK-46262 T&Q: elastic search NPE after importing to question pool

SAK-46261 Tests & Quizzes: Question pool icons title are not intuitive

SAK-46256 Profile: Error trying to set Birthday

SAK-46255 Messages: Unable to access replies saved as drafts

SAK-46253 Commons: Text input is vulnerable to XSS Attacks

SAK-46251 Calendar > List of Events: group table display needs to be fixed

SAK-46248 Lessons: Settings "tab" is not sufficiently noticeable and inconsistent with similar buttons/"tabs" in Lessons and every other tool

SAK-46244 Update Jackson Release 2.12.5 & opencsv 5.5.2

SAK-46243 Gradebook: "Set Score for Empty Cells" Does Not Allow Decimal-Only Entry

SAK-46242 Assignment | Checkmark Values Color

SAK-46241 Forums/Discussions: Can't move forum conversation from duplicate forum to original forum topic

SAK-46239 Postem: No space between the navigation bar and the table.

SAK-46237 Lessons / unable to view embedded pdf on mobile devices

SAK-46236 Hiding and enabling Dropbox gives full set of permissions to non-maintainer roles

SAK-46235 Excel exported by Roster2 tool does not sort correctly the groups where each student belongs

SAK-46234 Add the ability to hide the filter membership by another group in manage groups

SAK-46233 Reset-pass: bug fix and UI improvement.

SAK-46232 Update Apache Tomcat 9.0.53

SAK-46231 Site Info: Console errors - site/undefined/info.json, membership/group/undefined.json

SAK-46228 Change scroll behavior to page anchors throughout Sakai to smooth

SAK-46227 Site Info | MathJax setting saving during course creation

SAK-46220 Site Access console error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'setAttribute')

SAK-46219 Update seach-impl

SAK-46215 Sitestats: stacktraces - sql, hibernate

SAK-46212 Date Manager: unable to change announcement dates if open date set without hide date

SAK-46211 Date Manager: Uncaught error if fixing date from previous error

SAK-46209 eslint dot notation rule is too strict, downgrade it to "warn"

SAK-46206 Increase the level of most webcomponents eslint rules to make the webcomponents js more reliable

SAK-46205 Navigation: /vm/morpheus/includeSiteHierarchy.vm error in logs

SAK-46202 Gradebook | Error background

SAK-46200 Commons: When user clicks in text field to add comment, Post button becomes enabled, cursor is gone from textbox

SAK-46197 Theme tab listed as first of the Preferences tabs makes tool inaccessible

SAK-46195 Announcements: Inputs should appears on all Show items: 5, 10, 20, ... while reorder

SAK-46192 Refactor Assignments / LTI External Tools For Sakai 21/22

SAK-46191 Assignment | Duplicate bring over 'All Purpose Item' data

SAK-46190 Assignment | Duplicate bring over 'Private note' data

SAK-46189 assignments, groups: Groups with no submission are inappropriately locked when below a group with a submission in the list of groups

SAK-46185 Commons: Fatal error for Like

SAK-46184 Update UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java 6.0.1

SAK-46183 MSGCNTR: Unable to access any topic

SAK-46181 Create users from import which have accented characters doesn't work, stacktrace with UTF-8

SAK-46180 Dashboard Tool fails for admin if no worksite setup tool on Home site

SAK-46179 Assignments - Peer Review - no primary action button, button order questionable

SAK-46173 Samigo > Create/Edit > Settings > User selections lost/changed silently

SAK-46171 Conversations: Statistics doesn't load on ORACLE - Error 500

SAK-46169 Assignments - submitted attachment lists include "Inline Submission.html" which is an implementation detail

SAK-46165 Calendar generic import template should be CSV not TXT

SAK-46163 Lessons: The adding checklist UI is a bit messy

SAK-46160 Assignments - clean up content-review items when assignments are hard deleted

SAK-46159 Site Info > Improve layout of tool selection page when importing content

SAK-46156 Improve gradebook JS rendering time in some browsers

SAK-46155 Update ical4j 3.1.0

SAK-46153 Site Info > Groups: Blue outline should go around the () - css

SAK-46152 Body text within CKEditor needs margin

SAK-46151 Categories using equal weighting or extra credit are not indicated to students

SAK-46150 COMMONS tables are missing oracle script

SAK-46148 Gradebook > Bulk Edit has no confirmation for deleting GB items

SAK-46147 Update MariaDB Connector/J 2.7.4

SAK-46146 Gradebook > Extend search filter to student number column

SAK-46145 Add spinners to Group By Category buttons

SAK-46143 Worksite Setup: Order by creation date does not work

SAK-46141 Calendar / import from CSV off by 1 hour

SAK-46139 Assignments - submitted content should be queued when content-review is enabled on an existing assignment

SAK-46135 Commons: Edit textbox is only as wide as the current text, it should be as wide as the post textbox

SAK-46133 Assignments-Video Recording: move focus to buttons below video when recording starts

SAK-46131 Assignments > Add rel="noreferrer" to all content-review links

SAK-46130 Duplicating assignments does not copy over the model answer settings of the original assignment

SAK-46129 Gradebook: unable to delete categories

SAK-46128 Assignments - Content Review settings stick when creating two assignments in the same session

SAK-46127 Assignments > Add/Edit > Gradebook > Categories drop down only shows if 2 or more user defined categories exist

SAK-46126 Assignments / Content-review - change wording from "attachments" to "items" wherever appropriate

SAK-46125 Assignments > Restore from Trash > Warn about things that cannot be restored

SAK-46124 Site Property | MathJax pass along from template

SAK-46123 Assignments > Add/Edit > default setting for sending emails on grade release changes based on selection

SAK-46122 Date Manager attempts to load datepickers for all dates on page load, becoming unresponsive when there are many dates

SAK-46121 Postem: PostemSakaiService is a singleton and should not contain variables

SAK-46119 Samigo: Dash appears when no Part name is displayed

SAK-46118 Tests & Quizzes: Question number and point values are combined when read aloud by screen readers

SAK-46114 Copyright enforcement can be bypassed using drop box

SAK-46113 Gradebook > Some columns don't sort properly in gradebooks with many columns

SAK-46112 Forums > Settings pages > various issues with labels, heading levels, indentation, etc.

SAK-46111 Gradebook > Add null check during save grade routine

SAK-46110 Chat : lots of error logs

SAK-46109 Import from site : discrepancy between number and list

SAK-46108 Site Import: NPE for Announcement

SAK-46107 Bump xstream from 1.4.17 to 1.4.18

SAK-46105 Commons: MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Table 'nightly_trunk.COMMONS_LIKE' doesn't exist

SAK-46102 ELFinder > samigo heading is "Assessments" rather than "Tests & Quizzes"

SAK-46100 ELFinder > disable "Download" link for all entity types except resources

SAK-46099 GBNG > Set Score for Empty Cells > no primary action button

SAK-46098 GBNG > Item Order > Cancel button needlessly refreshes the page

SAK-46097 GBNG > Settings > Statistics > change "assignment" wording to "Gradebook item"

SAK-46095 GBNG > external gradebook items should be marked with the 'ignore' prefix when exporting the gradebook

SAK-46094 SiteStats > User Activity > Some calendar events can't be resolved

SAK-46093 GBNG > Import > user data loss when navigating backwards through the wizard

SAK-46092 GBNG > TA with permission to grade empty group can see (but not grade) non-roster students not present in the group

SAK-46091 Location of expansion icon for recurring meetings is inconsistent between views

SAK-46089 Upgrade Ignite to version 2.10.0

SAK-46088 GBNG > improve performance of 'Set Score for Empty Cells' algorithm

SAK-46087 GBNG > import > item selection > no way to select all

SAK-46084 Bump jsoup from 1.14.1 to 1.14.2

SAK-46083 Bullhorns & Announcements: If the announcement contains dates, the announcement is listed twice in bullhorns

SAK-46076 Question mark not needed after "Timeframe" in statistics for Conversations

SAK-46075 GBNG > Import > no error message when upload file exceeds max allowed size

SAK-46068 Turning bookmarking off in Conversations settings does not turn off bookmarking

SAK-46066 No indication that a private post in Conversations is private

SAK-46064 Statistics table in Conversations needs arrows for adjusting how material is sorted

SAK-46062 Conversations: Lightbulb emoji/icon is too light to be viewed by many people

SAK-46061 Help tool no longer works (22)

SAK-46060 Calendar: Merge External Calendars - Unexpected Error

SAK-46058 Improve language in Manage Groups for locked groups

SAK-46057 Assignments > Student view heading is confusing when viewing through Lessons

SAK-46056 Site Info > Manage Access > Specific workflows do not enable Continue button when they should

SAK-46055 Membership > joinable sites > filter out sites where user is an inactive member

SAK-46054 Assignments > Turnitin help link has target blank without noreferrer protection

SAK-46053 Assignments > Save Draft Doesn't Save Grading Options

SAK-46052 Difficulty creating a quiz through Lessons

SAK-46050 Membership > enrolments > sites with multiple enrolled rosters get squished together

SAK-46049 'This assessment has been modified' message doesn't go away

SAK-46048 Hiding more than 1000 sites breaks in Oracle

SAK-46044 Preferences > Editor > no options, just update and cancel buttons

SAK-46039 Changing item type to "select a question type" when editing a question triggers error

SAK-46038 Assignments w/ Announcement Email Notification > Import from Site as Published > Announcement and email generated

SAK-46036 Resources > confusion with the intention of the email notification feature

SAK-46033 Resources > edit > no copyright warning when flipping copyright back to "please select..."

SAK-46032 Make rubric sharing easier to understand

SAK-46031 Wiki > refreshing the page after posting a comment erroneously duplicates the comment

SAK-46030 Improve Drop Box authorization

SAK-46029 Additional/Improved wording warning when using QP random draw in quizzes

SAK-46028 Site Info > sort section sets alphabetically

SAK-46027 Soft Delete warning does not provide info on how to remove yourself from the site

SAK-46026 Indicate when Samigo Autosave is happening

SAK-46024 ckeditor drag and drop files results in server error

SAK-46020 Site Info > Import > Don't show mysterious unnamed (stealthed) tools to maintainers

SAK-46018 Samigo wrong password page returns student to Home rather than assessment Begin page

SAK-46017 LTI Height configuration is not used when creating iframe

SAK-46016 Statistics tool reveals existence of stealthed tools

SAK-46015 Turnitin webhook logging is too verbose

SAK-46014 Can't activate user when no maintain user is already active

SAK-46012 Points for calculated and matrix questions can be changed if drawn from pool

SAK-46011 Samigo : can't navigate question pool items

SAK-46010 Samigo > Question Pools > Remove - encoding

SAK-46009 Site Info > Date Manager > Tests & Quizzes > Validation error displays in wrong row

SAK-46007 StackOverflow caused by DateManagerServiceImpl.addAllSubpages

SAK-46006 Samigo > Question Pools > Transfer Ownership > Ampersands not displaying correctly

SAK-46004 Samigo: Access Denied occurrences don't appear in Event Log

SAK-46003 ArrayIndexOutOfBounds when calculated question cannot be parsed

SAK-46002 Assessment Attempts Are Limited When User is in Multiple Groups

SAK-46001 Samigo > include input example for Event Log search field

SAK-46000 Samigo > review of static variables

SAK-45999 Samigo > Adjustment/"Apply this score" functions throw stack traces with negative values

SAK-45998 Samigo > Points values are cut off in the random draw from pool interface

SAK-45997 Oracle and MySQL treat null differently when ORDER BY used

SAK-45996 Ignite and ORM concurrency strategy should match

SAK-45995 GBNG > selecting 'Hide this category' for a partially shown category will actually 'Show this category'

SAK-45994 Lessons > Checklist > Linked Items display strange on-hover behavior

SAK-45993 Samigo: Students receive "Late submissions not allowed" message with extensions when taking quiz through URL

SAK-45992 Bullhorn Notification for group assignment with future open date

SAK-45990 External Tool > Create Tool Link form is missing Add Site Link checkbox

SAK-45987 Tests & Quizzes: When grading by question, cancelled rubric is still saved

SAK-45983 Turnitin assignment is not created properly when using Import from Site -> Publish Content option

SAK-45982 Dashboard: Course/Assignment is hardcoded

SAK-45981 Dashboard: Some text are hardcoded on tasks

SAK-45980 Dashboard: Hide on Discussions is hardcoded

SAK-45979 Preferences: Error on Privacy status

SAK-45978 Spanish translations before 22

SAK-45976 Lessons > Add Question > Multiple Choice > UI Improvement Needed

SAK-45974 Add conditional caches for ignite to load

SAK-45972 Sign-up: => log.debug(

SAK-45971 Use serverId as suffix for Message-ID instead of hostname

SAK-45969 Lessons / checklist spacing issues with long text items

SAK-45967 No bullhorn notification when clicking post for assignment that was draft

SAK-45964 SiteStats: Error on log when exporting to PDF a report by events to Table

SAK-45963 Discussions: draft_evaluation, weight, percent_sign and point_override_details appears instead of value - message missing

SAK-45961 Removing whitespace before Forum settings button

SAK-45960 Delete Topic button is missing when "Display Subject Only"

SAK-45959 EmailService @Deprecated javadoc?

SAK-45957 Update Apache Tomcat 9.0.52

SAK-45952 Assignments: Video Submission -- Prompt to Proceed - Wording Needs Updated

SAK-45949 Ignite add a failure handler that shuts down Sakai

SAK-45948 Rubrics with very long comments get cut off for students

SAK-45945 Notification digest doesn't check for a preferred FROM address

SAK-45944 Support Cookie Alternative for LTI Advantage OIDC Login Flow

SAK-45941 RUBRICS: Total weight shouldn't be more than 100%

SAK-45940 RUBRICS: You can save a weighted rubric with more than one criterion with 100%

SAK-45938 Update Passay 1.6.1

SAK-45934 Grader: Link in grader for submitted attachments does not work when there's no preview.

SAK-45933 Assignments-Video Submission: Win10-Firefox: No video with supported format and MIME type found

SAK-45931 Lessons > Mobile View > Some Buttons not Responsive

SAK-45930 Discussions > Any Topic > "Forums" shows as breadcrumb

SAK-45929 samigo: Matching question's Existing Match is silently changing to None of the Above if edited in published quizzes

SAK-45927 AntiSamy upgrade to 1.6.4

SAK-45925 Syllabus > Students can reorder syllabus items - incorrect behavior?

SAK-45923 RUBRICS: Weight criterions appears with points instead of comma (on Spanish language)

SAK-45922 RUBRICS AND GRADER: When grading an assignment with comma it appears with point

SAK-45919 Assignments: Dates appears on user preferences language instead of site language

SAK-45918 Samigo add valid operators for calculated questions

SAK-45914 Ignite Data Region Memory tuning for hibernate_l2_region

SAK-45909 Remove Karma tests from webcomponents project

SAK-45907 T&Q: Survey questions feedback formatting is off

SAK-45906 Mojarra JSF has been moved and maintained by the Eclipse Foundation

SAK-45902 JSF2: Disable verifyObjects feature for production environments

SAK-45901 BasicLTI/Assignments: The LTI 1.1 grades are not re-scaled when being sent to an assignment

SAK-45894 CVE-2021-22119 - Spring Security vulnerability

SAK-45893 Assignments-External Tool: Clicking Cancel after selecting a tool displays stacktrace to user

SAK-45891 Assignments - External Tool (LTI): modify Please select an external tool

SAK-45890 Assignments: selecting External Tool (LTI) and not choosing a tool allows the assignment to be posted

SAK-45888 Messages: Viewing the sender's profile doesn't have a way to return to message aside from Back button.

SAK-45886 Discussions: Viewing user profile has profile icon repeating in background

SAK-45885 samigo, accessibility: Improve text of warning messages to students taking assessments

SAK-45884 Chat index: Set, List : Set is a raw type

SAK-45883 recurring error "ERROR: org.sakaiproject.velocity.util.SLF4JLogChute.log"

SAK-45882 GRADER - Checked grading always appear checked when navigating between students on Spanish language

SAK-45881 Chat index: MissingResourceException

SAK-45879 Calendar: List of Events: Display Site Events and Display Group Events Radio Buttons Do Not Filter Display

SAK-45878 Calendar: List of Events: From Site is Repeated on the List for Each Event

SAK-45876 GRADER - No eye icon appears when grading a student with no submission when clicking Save and Release to Student

SAK-45875 SAMIGO - Statistics are wrong when the student enter the right solution and answer point value is 0

SAK-45874 Update Apache commons-imaging 1.0-alpha2

SAK-45870 Update Jericho-html 3.4

SAK-45866 Traceback when Instructor views Tool Links

SAK-45865 Remove use of Static Cover in *ContentProducer

SAK-45863 Remove use of Static Cover in PublishedAssessmentFacadeQueries

SAK-45862 Mobile / gradebook / point value box

SAK-45860 Portal > Print > Print-out shows "Publish Now" and "Cancel" button for unpublished site

SAK-45858 Discussions (Forums) > Statistics and Grading > Table Missing Column Headers

SAK-45857 "Display in Conversation" option does not honor currently hidden topics or group permissions

SAK-45856 Discussions > Statistics > Student View > Print Buttons do not work

SAK-45855 Discussions > Statistics > Student View > Messages Authored table lacks a column heading

SAK-45854 Discussions > Statistics > Student View > Clicking any link in the "Subject" column returns an empty page

SAK-45852 gradebook: Improve text of "Hide Item" menu option to make it clearer

SAK-45851 Samigo: Hibernate5 deprecated: Query.set{Object} => setParameter

SAK-45849 Hibernate5 deprecated: Query.set{Object} => setParameter

SAK-45842 WebJars: Upgrade CKEDITOR from 4.14.0 to 4.16.1

SAK-45841 Forums: Hibernate5 deprecated: Query.set{Object} => setParameter

SAK-45838 Update opencsv 5.5.1

SAK-45837 Not able to click on close dropdown in link tool url in some languages

SAK-45836 Calendar: Importing Events - Meeting Maker is Obsolete/ Should be Removed

SAK-45835 Samigo > "Scores" option available in Actions drop-down before any submissions exist

SAK-45832 Multiple simultaneous edits causes StaleObjectStateException during editing a post/reply

SAK-45830 Update Hibernate 5.3.20.Final released

SAK-45828 Calendar: Add/Delete new field needs extra steps on 21x and 22x

SAK-45827 Discussions help link needs URL updated

SAK-45826 When creating a new site, there is no longer a default selected

SAK-45825 Manage Groups console errors if Lessons subpage enabled

SAK-45823 Update Spanish translations

SAK-45822 SiteStat: Hibernate5 deprecated: Query.set{Object} => setParameter

SAK-45821 Update Apache commons-io 2.11.0

SAK-45820 Update Apache Wicket 8.13.0

SAK-45815 Lessons / Accessibility / add subpage dialog

SAK-45814 Site info - > mobile clicking more on site description, cannot close

SAK-45813 Samigo: Deprecated Query setString, setBoolean, setLong => setParameter

SAK-45811 common, edu-service: Deprecated Query setString, setBoolean => setParameter

SAK-45810 Hibernate5 deprecated: Query => query.Query

SAK-45809 Resubmission count always -1 from expected

SAK-45806 Kernel: Deprecated Query setString, setBoolean, setLong => setParameter

SAK-45805 Update Apache commons-compress 1.21

SAK-45804 Profile2: Deprecated Query setString, setBoolean => setParameter

SAK-45801 Calendar: When creating an event in the past or future, user is taken to current week.

SAK-45799 Catalan language update for Sakai master

SAK-45796 Accessibility in Forums: Alert not read by screen reader

SAK-45794 Update Jackson Release 2.12.4 & woodstox-core 6.2.6

SAK-45793 Update ical4j 3.0.28

SAK-45792 SiteStat: delete wicket-datetime

SAK-45787 Calendar: does not adjust to user's time zone

SAK-45777 Update SLF4J 1.7.31

SAK-45776 Update Apache Tika 1.27

SAK-45771 Wiki / missing space on info page

SAK-45770 SAMIGO: Change publisedAssessmentId to publishedAssessmentId

SAK-45769 Calendar: List of Events is missing the date for each event

SAK-45768 Calendar: Print view only displays the hours of the current page (8am - 5pm for example)

SAK-45765 Umbrella for the new Calendar bugs

SAK-45758 Lesson | Subpage navigation disappeared in toolbar

SAK-45757 News | Title change sync

SAK-45756 Resources / instructor cannot set folder permissions

SAK-45755 Finding by name with group or role filter doesn't respect them

SAK-45753 NPE searching for user that doesn't exist

SAK-45752 T&Q: Statistics incorrect for "None of the above" answers

SAK-45750 Update Apache Tomcat 9.0.50

SAK-45749 sitemembers: Update Apache Wicket 8.8.0

SAK-45748 sitedescription: Update Apache Wicket 8.8.0

SAK-45747 Deprecated utils.Web => api.FormattedText

SAK-45745 Deprecated: new AttributeModifier(String attribute, boolean

SAK-45744 My Calendar: update Apache Wicket 8.12.0

SAK-45743 My Connections: update Apache Wicket 8.12.0

SAK-45741 PA System: Timezone warning suppressed before user sign in

SAK-45740 MBM / next page buttons spacing

SAK-45739 Resources: URLs with Bad Syntax can be added to Resources

SAK-45737 SAMIGO: Improving performance on calculated questions

SAK-45736 EntityBroker email not being sent when an exception occurs

SAK-45732 Deprecated: AbstractValidator => IValidator

SAK-45731 Samigo Accessibility > Timer > Color Contrast Issues

SAK-45728 Site tab drawer / filter sites on tab issue

SAK-45722 Assignments / error adding an attachment before points entered

SAK-45720 gradebook: category drop/keep settings remain applied after categories are turned off

SAK-45719 Lessons Question Grading Panel should display users by last name

SAK-45715 Section Info: Modify success banner style

SAK-45710 Dashboard: Discussion widget heading refers to Forums

SAK-45708 Deprecated: new AttributeModifier(String attribute, boolean

SAK-45707 Deprecated: new AttributeModifier(String attribute, boolean

SAK-45706 Update Apache commons-io 2.10.0

SAK-45704 Calendar Widget stacktraces

SAK-45700 Lessons CC Export: Disable or clarify option to use Common Cartridge 1.1 export

SAK-45697 Samigo > Require Rationale > Questions tab > Instructor Display Formatting Changes Needed

SAK-45692 Ensure that file conversion jobs are not queued multiple times

SAK-45691 FileConversionService saves items with random resource ids

SAK-45690 FileConversionService needs a max attempts

SAK-45686 Assignments Grader: Navigate between students with submissions only checkbox disabled

SAK-45685 T&Q: Settings / Layout and Appearance - color text unmatched

SAK-45684 BasicLTI: missing key: 'error.submit.timeout'

SAK-45683 Dark theme fixes

SAK-45682 Library documentation update for 20x

SAK-45681 Update catalan translations for master

SAK-45680 External tools / tool links page stops at 50

SAK-45679 Date Manager: Updating GB date displays incorrect message

SAK-45678 Preferences: Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined

SAK-45672 Update Apache Tomcat 9.0.48

SAK-45671 Gradebook - Logs display time as Eastern instead of the instructor's Pacific time

SAK-45669 Assignments - Grader: submission time is not in the correct timezone

SAK-45667 Timer duration and server duration for test exception do not correspond when exception is added after start

SAK-45666 Stacktrace when trying to access stats

SAK-45660 Update spanish translations for master

SAK-45658 Gradebook Exception

SAK-45655 content-metadata: organize Imports

SAK-45654 Upgrade json-smart from 2.3 to 2.4.7

SAK-45651 Random access to questions from TOC causes display differences for student & instructor, inaccurate grades

SAK-45649 Taggable: cover, Validator

SAK-45647 Lessons display of assignment open date is not timezone adjusted

SAK-45646 Gradebook: In mobile, column headings cover user menu

SAK-45640 Mail archive: Validator.escapeHtml( => ormattedText.escapeHtml(

SAK-45639 setAttribute error when dark theme switcher is disabled

SAK-45638 Citations: covers

SAK-45634 User membership needs to constrain search size

SAK-45630 Ignite configure MessageQueueLimit, CollisionSpi, CheckpointSpi

SAK-45628 Site Info > Stealthed LTI tools are removed erroneously if there are no visible LTI tools present

SAK-45612 Citation: Deprecated Time

SAK-45611 Podcasts: Deprecated Time

SAK-45607 Static resources not being mounted by storybook

SAK-45605 When adding image in Syllabus, server logs show issues with the span tags

SAK-45604 Editor tab listed as first of the Preferences tabs makes tool inaccessible

SAK-45599 Updated Help Content for Sakai 21.1

SAK-45594 Image resizing producing an NPE in ICC_Profile

SAK-45586 User dashboard exception if no MOTD has been set

SAK-45584 SpringCrudRepositoryImpl uses merge, then persist on save. It should be the other way around.

SAK-45580 File conversion service should only convert on single nodes in a cluster

SAK-45578 Rubric association active column should default to true

SAK-45577 Update Thymeleaf 3.0.12

SAK-45576 UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java 6.0.0

SAK-45575 FileConversionService should only convert Assignments

SAK-45573 Tests & Quizzes: Several datetimes in the Publish notification missing time zone

SAK-45570 Assignment | New Grader - Add attachment button visibility consistency

SAK-45569 Set default for resourceLimit to avoid memory issues in admin Resources

SAK-45567 "Sites has been created" banner message doen't conform to standard banner design

SAK-45566 Update Apache commons-io from 2.8.0 to 2.9.0

SAK-45565 Lessons: Some Lessons tables are not created

SAK-45561 Assignment: Description for event added to Calendar missing time zone for due date

SAK-45558 Configuring Ignite with a range of 1

SAK-45554 Adding multiple web links disables the button even if the 'bad' entry is removed

SAK-45553 Cannot uncheck group by category in grade summary

SAK-45548 Date Picker | Time font color

SAK-45545 Site Info - Manage Access - update "Leave as Draft" to "Unpublish site/Leave as Draft"

SAK-45539 Lessons Should not Include "twitter.js" unless The page contains and embedded twitter

SAK-45534 SAMIGO: Solving problems of calculation pattern

SAK-45531 Course grade override should show either exact percentage override or calculated percentage

SAK-45528 Update MariaDB Connector/J 2.7.3

SAK-45527 Cannot submit a new late submission after resubmit date has past

SAK-45523 Peak at image dimensions before reading into ImageIO

SAK-45522 samigo: Remove SAK-34725 behavior of forcibly submitting untimed assessments when auto-submit is NOT enabled

SAK-45520 Fix triple scroll bars in Lessons BLTI Picker

SAK-45512 Assignments: Cannot create assignments in Master

SAK-45511 Time limit labeling is not present in Tests & Quizzes' Exceptions settings

SAK-45510 Lessons: Error creating index while starting up Sakai

SAK-45509 Calculated questions better handle negative values and legacy factorial

SAK-45507 Assignments: Restore Draft flag on submission list

SAK-45505 Sakai Ignite Performance Configuration

SAK-45502 Update: javaee-api 8.01 & cache-api 1.1.1

SAK-45500 Update HttpComponents 5.1.1 & HttpClient 5.1

SAK-45499 Update dashboard calendar to latest lion version

SAK-45498 Dark Mode: Site Info - Tool Order

SAK-45497 Dark mode: Messages TO: field

SAK-45494 Update Apache Tomcat 9.0.46

SAK-45492 Date Picker | Sliders contrast (Dark Mode)

SAK-45491 Support LTI 1.3 Key Rotation Per Tool

SAK-45490 Date Picker | Time font color

SAK-45488 samigo: The randomized answers in a multiple choice question with randomize enabled re-shuffle on EVERY CLICK of Continue Assessment or Feedback link

SAK-45486 Lesson | More tools icon

SAK-45485 Dark Mode | Lesson > Close icon

SAK-45481 Assignments > Add/Edit > rubric selection lost after adding attachments

SAK-45475 Dark Mode - Tests & Quizzes: Comment field for no submission

SAK-45472 samigo: More intelligent default for export

SAK-45467 Dark Mode - Tests & Quizzes markup text

SAK-45464 Resources: Lost ability to Add Web Links

SAK-45462 Dark Mode - Tests & Quizzes: List of questions

SAK-45461 Dark Mode | Quiz - Download File Upload Responses

SAK-45460 Dark Mode | Quiz - Statistics (graph)

SAK-45459 Dark Mode | Quiz - Statistics (question rows)

SAK-45458 Dark Mode | Quiz - Assessment List

SAK-45457 Lessons embedded announcements displays messages scheduled to open in the future and end date in past

SAK-45454 Update test master

SAK-45453 Samigo remove samigo.studentRichText property

SAK-45452 Update jakarta.mail 1.6.7

SAK-45450 Site info, accessibility: Fix missing focus indicator on sections/groups accordions in Site Info

SAK-45449 samigo: Tests & Quizzes Question pools UI should use font awesome icons

SAK-45448 Update Jackson Release 2.12.3

SAK-45441 Update bouncycastle 1.68

SAK-45435 Prepare Database to Support LTI 1.3 Key Rotation

SAK-45433 ContentReviewItem is detached when attempting to remove

SAK-45432 Cannot change student permissions in Polls; console error

SAK-45427 SAMIGO: Honor pledge doesn't work when using web browser's translation

SAK-45421 Gradebook > Import > Rubric association is not persisted

SAK-45417 LESSONS: Deleting language="en-US" from IMS V1.3

SAK-45414 SiteStats External DB no longer can use ehcache region

SAK-45409 Honor pledge blocks access to closed assignments

SAK-45406 PermissionException in SampleDataLoader.init

SAK-45403 Header Logo not displaying in Safari because of CSS variables

SAK-45402 Dark Mode | PA-System banners

SAK-45397 IP filter list is broken (single IPs are taken as they ended with wildcards)

SAK-45393 Matching with none of the above loses student answer on regrade and republish

SAK-45391 If a student has 2 submissions, the report file downloaded will not open

SAK-45385 LESSONS: Changing encoding when exporting IMS

SAK-45383 Enable errors for no-undef, no-unused-vars and no-unused-vars eslint rules

SAK-45378 SAMIGO - Problems with tooltips on Numeric Response questions

SAK-45377 Update jsr305 3.0.2

SAK-45374 Turnitin OC: Change default auto exclusion scope to GROUP_CONTEXT

SAK-45370 SAMIGO: StackOverflowError when evaluating some calculation pattern

SAK-45369 Update Google guava 30.1.1-jre

SAK-45362 Parent issue for several dark mode fixes

SAK-45361 Parent issue for several dark mode fixes

SAK-45353 Samigo: Current workflow for answer markers for fill in the blank questions is confusing

SAK-45351 SAMIGO: Characters <> should be forbidden as separator on FIB questions

SAK-45350 StatsAuthzImpl Deprecated cover =>api

SAK-45347 ProfileImageEntityProvider Deprecated cover =>api

SAK-45346 Incorrect text on button to add feedback in an assignment

SAK-45345 Dashboard | Calendar widget

SAK-45338 Update ical4j 3.0.22

SAK-45337 Overview, Site Info: Incorrect instructions on the Manage Overview page.

SAK-45336 Assignment / resubmission attempt puts student back to draft and no submission to instructor

SAK-45335 Tern Manager French

SAK-45334 Update Apache Tomcat 9.0.45

SAK-45332 SAMIGO: Unable to export an assessment

SAK-45331 Update Apache Tika 1.26

SAK-45329 Update Apache CXF 3.4.3

SAK-45328 Update Lombok v1.18.20

SAK-45327 Error trying to upload video to Profile gallery

SAK-45325 Date manager: validation needed for Sign-up Begin Date and Sign-up End Date

SAK-45318 Update Apache Wicket 8.12.0

SAK-45315 Feedback-Tool: remote recaptcha script is loaded even if disabled

SAK-45314 Gradebook: Grade statistics graphs show fractional students.

SAK-45312 Dark Mode | Assignment > Student View > Attachment section

SAK-45311 Dark Mode | Assignment > Student View > Rotating Progress Bar

SAK-45310 Samigo: Hot spot question fails to save and throws a stack trace if too much text is entered in the alt text field

SAK-45309 Dark Mode | Assignment > View Submissions

SAK-45308 Dark Mode | Assignment > 'Instructor Summary Comment' description text

SAK-45306 Dashboard widgets need a way to limit the number of items shown

SAK-45305 Assignment | New grader displaying removed/inactive students submissions

SAK-45304 Update plugin: SpotBugs & license

SAK-45301 Dark Mode | Syllabus > Edit

SAK-45298 Add Data Regions for Ignite setting some reasonable limits

SAK-45291 Dashboard | Discussion widget > Course link

SAK-45288 Dashboard | Widget Title name

SAK-45281 SAMIGO: Field Markers should be replace on the Mutually exclusive example

SAK-45280 SAMIGO: Character & is forbidden as separator on FIB questions

SAK-45270 Dark Mode | Sakai Logo

SAK-45269 Assignment | Feedback files with special characters in name

SAK-45266 Dark Mode Bugfixes- Hardcoded CSS Colors in Portal

SAK-45264 Roster: Last visit displays on trunk, but is incorrect

SAK-45263 Add/Confirm Connection pop-up needs resized

SAK-45262 Pronouns displays textbox below drop-down when first opening

SAK-45258 Gradebook > GB_GRADING_EVENT_T.IS_EXCLUDED is nullable and doesn't have a default value in code/HBM

SAK-45256 Add userTheme preference to html tag for Velocity and JSF tools

SAK-45254 T&Q: Reset selection in the incorrect place when rationale is required

SAK-45243 Update UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java 5.1.4

SAK-45242 Date Manager-Calendar: Error message should have "end" instead of "due" date

SAK-45240 Samigo OOM related to convertTagListToJsonString

SAK-45237 When releasing all grades in assignments, bullhorn shows far too many notifications

SAK-45234 Update opencsv 5.3

SAK-45232 Gradebook > Create Item incomplete UI on buttons

SAK-45230 Web services: NPEs due to formattedText property not initialized

SAK-45228 SAMLBootstrap class throws NoClassDefFoundError.

SAK-45222 LTI Advantage auto-config automatically sets "allow launch key to be changed" to allow

SAK-45219 maven file changed locations

SAK-45208 Ranks created in Discussion tool can't be removed

SAK-45204 Dark Mode > Change User Language Bug

SAK-45201 Message bundle manager / draft_evaluation text cannot be updated successfully

SAK-45200 Assignments / cancel button not working on new assignment grader

SAK-45196 Dark Theme - "Home" site "Overview" synoptic tool modules display with light styling instead of dark theme

SAK-45195 Lessons > Add Subpage as Button, Apply Color does not work

SAK-45194 Rubrics Evaluation should have the default status of RETURNED.

SAK-45193 ErrorReporter provides too much information to anonymous users

SAK-45191 LESSONS: Export error NumberException when exporting IMS CC

SAK-45188 Update Apache xmlbeans 4.0.0

SAK-45187 Portal: Presence icon is gone, now only a text version of number of users displays

SAK-45183 Date Picker | Sliders contrast

SAK-45182 Date Picker | Now & Done buttons inconsistency

SAK-45180 Wiki search does not recognize "and" operator

SAK-45174 Rubrics Hibernate 5/JPA 2.2 data model changes

SAK-45172 Admin Workspace: pagination count error after changing number displayed

SAK-45170 Update Apache Tomcat 9.0.44

SAK-45169 Dark Mode | Assignment Grade

SAK-45166 Adjust font size of Assignments Honor Pledge

SAK-45165 Rubric button contrast

SAK-45164 Announcements: Undefined counter in Reorder velocity template

SAK-45160 Announcements: Reorder tab and numeric text field initialization

SAK-45158 Dark Mode Bugfixes-Visibility issues in Wiki Tool

SAK-45154 Unable to move/copy files with CKEditor FileBrowser

SAK-45152 Dark Mode | Announcement

SAK-45151 Dark Mode | Assignment Warning Icon

SAK-45149 Dark Mode | Assignment Due Date

SAK-45147 Tab menu bleed

SAK-45146 Dark Mode | Sort Icon

SAK-45145 Dark Mode | Dropdown triangles

SAK-45143 Dark Mode | Color contrast | Preferences > Notifications tab

SAK-45142 Dark Mode | Color contrast | User profile menu

SAK-45140 Update Jackson Release 2.12.2

SAK-45139 Update Apache jclouds 2.3.0

SAK-45138 LTI 1.3 POST to vendor should include given_name and family_name

SAK-45137 Rubrics / null values entered for criteria causes rubric to not be displayed

SAK-45135 SAMIGO: Wrong question's order on instructor view when Continuous numbering between parts

SAK-45134 Update Joda-time 2.10.10

SAK-45133 Scheduler: Filter events not listing all events to choose from

SAK-45132 Job scheduler: Show all displays nothing

SAK-45127 Editing a link to an assignment in Lessons duplicates the open/close information in title

SAK-45124 Message saved as draft gets sent

SAK-45123 Modifying sign-up meeting dates does not update the begin/end sign-up dates/times

SAK-45122 Assignments > Submissions > Relocate/Improve "Use New Grader" Option

SAK-45121 Date Manager errors on SignUp permission even when tool not installed in site

SAK-45120 getI18nProperties should only load properties from approved list

SAK-45119 Lessons: Image with prereq does not display to student after completing the required item

SAK-45113 Setting unlimited resubmissions locks user in new grader

SAK-45112 lessons questions buttons hover state using font-weight 600

SAK-45111 favorites bar favorite and dropdown hover/active state not accurate

SAK-45109 Webcomponents: Problem with save permissions

SAK-45108 update Apache commons-lang3 3.12.0

SAK-45103 AlphaNumeric sort NumberFormatException

SAK-45102 Update Thymeleaf 3.0.12

SAK-45101 URL validator update is causing some parameter replacement to fail

SAK-45100 GB, T&Q: util.ResourceLoader.getString bundle 'gradebookng' missing key: 'AutoLabel.CSS.disabled'

SAK-45098 Section Info: no warning when switching from Manually manage to Automatically manage sections

SAK-45097 Section Info: no validation error

SAK-45091 Some tools don't respect user notification preferences

SAK-45087 Tasks widget should only be pickable in the home dashboard

SAK-45086 Clicking save on gb/t&q/discussions does not release the rubric evaluation

SAK-45080 Mailsender: Checking To: All automatically checks the options at the bottom of the compose window

SAK-45079 Dashboard description contains "null" initially

SAK-45078 Gradebook > Settings > Grading Schema > Browser Resizing Issues

SAK-45075 Lessons / page accidently renamed when editing settings

SAK-45074 SAMIGO - Matching questions: Avoid double click on "Save pairing"

SAK-45073 update Apache commons-net 3.8.0

SAK-45069 Site Import: NPE for Chat

SAK-45068 Site Import: Stacktrace for polls

SAK-45067 Update Apache FreeMarker 2.3.31

SAK-45064 Admin: Create site from archive zip fails

SAK-45046 Update Lombok v1.18.18

SAK-45044 BasicLTI: Chrome/Edge: Add content item in rich text editor doesn't expand content to full pop-up window

SAK-45042 Refreshing the browser adds paragraph breaks to Site Description text field

SAK-45039 Grades widget shows incorrect # of new submissions

SAK-45037 Points must match assignments in the selected Gradebook category error editing old assignments

SAK-45035 Tools, even if they have a property of popup=true, should not actually open in a new window.

SAK-45034 Webcomponents do not compile on windows

SAK-45030 Update xercesImpl 2.12.1

SAK-45029 Update jasypt 1.9.3

SAK-45028 Lessons: getPrerequisiteDataForSubNav NullPointerException when groups involved

SAK-45027 Update ical4j 3.0.21

SAK-45025 Group listing in other tools not ordered correctly

SAK-45024 Admin Workspace - User Membership Actions menu not keyboard accessible

SAK-45023 Orphaned users with submissions cause failure in Grader

SAK-45022 Rubric: On mouseover and on click, the cell color turns to a very dark blue until the user clicks another cell

SAK-45021 GB: Stacktraces for isotheruserediting:list:isAnotherUserEditing:

SAK-45019 Make widget panel more responsive

SAK-45018 Upgrade high priority tools to work with dark mode

SAK-45017 Error in sending mails without subject

SAK-45015 Adjusted rubrics: Initial opening of rubric for grading displays "undefined" in text box

SAK-45013 Forums: Duplicating topic stacktrace

SAK-45012 Dark Mode Bugfixes- Hardcoded UI Styles

SAK-45011 Samigo > Minimum Point Value > Essay/Short Answer Questions > Points Not Awarded on Attempted Questions

SAK-45010 syncTimeElapsedWithServer doesn't need to check with timedAG

SAK-45009 Synchronizing grades doesn't work well when Tomcat language's decimal separator is a comma

SAK-45006 Should be able to disable the dark theme toggle separate of the dark theme

SAK-45004 Lessons / unable to reorder if Lessons has subpages

SAK-45003 Students can access inactive exams in Samigo when linked from Lessons

SAK-44998 Update Apache Poi 5.0.0

SAK-44997 Forums: Spacing needed in "Reply to: banner

SAK-44995 Lessons > Sub-Page Button > "Rudy" vs. "Blue" colors

SAK-44994 Lessons pages that are recursive showing up in heap dumps

SAK-44993 Forums Stack - Error reading [nonePermission]

SAK-44992 Forum copied to new site stuck in Draft

SAK-44991 T&Q > Event Log > Sort by 'Entry Date' and 'Submitted'

SAK-44989 SAMIGO - Calculted Questions: Problems with constants

SAK-44986 Topic: toggle arrow for view/hide full description reversed

SAK-44985 Discussions: Automatically create multiple topics for groups is not working properly

SAK-44984 Group Manager: Remove use of multiselect-two-sides

SAK-44982 Apache Ignite 2.9.1

SAK-44981 Samigo / current part not selected when copying from question pool

SAK-44980 Forums Grading Replication in Statistics and Grading

SAK-44979 Assignments / reorder - due date moved to next line when instructors have long list of assignments

SAK-44978 Error when modifying the final grades in ORACLE

SAK-44977 Update Apache Tomcat 9.0.43

SAK-44976 Library: Some select dropdowns missing their down arrow

SAK-44975 Lessons > Add Question > Short Answer > Grading Should Not Require a Possible Answer

SAK-44970 Assignment from site import: Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #id$placement

SAK-44969 Joinable set (group) susceptible to race condition

SAK-44966 Update Apache FOP 2.6

SAK-44964 Gradebook custom export with section does not work correctly

SAK-44963 Hibernate 5 with Ignite no longer needs a custom QueryResultsCache

SAK-44960 Saving a task appears to fail, with no error

SAK-44959 Rubrics, WC Grader: Release Grades does not release the graded rubric

SAK-44958 TR Files Updated

SAK-44957 HibernateUtils.unproxy has been replaced with Hibernate.unproxy

SAK-44955 Lessons | Special characters in name

SAK-44951 Update antisamy 1.5.13

SAK-44950 Gradebook > Bulk Edit: Missing aria-label

SAK-44946 SOAP SakaiReport change csv lib opencsv

SAK-44939 Sitestats User Activity and lessons pages that are recursive

SAK-44938 Update subetha in mailarchive to newer fork

SAK-44931 Error when clicking Download Spreadsheet [XLSX] from Grade Report

SAK-44930 Turnitin options should not be displayed when alert appears when posting an assignment

SAK-44928 Improve the post import LTI Launch Configuration Screen In Lessons

SAK-44925 Unboundid - use synchronous mode to improve performance

SAK-44923 Jump to top image is bigger

SAK-44921 Assignments Student View shows Due Date when Due Date is hidden

SAK-44914 Upgrade Elastic Search to 6.8.13

SAK-44910 Group Filter in Forums grading shows wrong scores for students

SAK-44905 Lessons-Edit LTI tool modifications needed

SAK-44903 Mail duplication

SAK-44902 Broken links on messages tool received from a mail client.

SAK-44900 Theme selection missing from Preferences

SAK-44898 Configurable job name and description not being translated

SAK-44895 Update MariaDB Connector/J 2.7.1

SAK-44890 Problem running Quartz job "Configurable Job Test"

SAK-44889 Point overrides are not saved as draft in rubrics.

SAK-44886 LTI Advantage "Manually map Sakai roles to IMS roles." only works for launch and not for NRPS

SAK-44880 SAMIGO - Error on log when printing PDF assessment that contains a BASE64 image

SAK-44879 If you de-associate an assignment from a rubric with existing evaluations, those evaluations are lost forever.

SAK-44878 LTI 1.1 and 1.3: Names and roles not displaying for any users if any users contain foreign characters (Tsugi)

SAK-44877 Lessons: getPrerequisiteDataForSubNav NullPointerException

SAK-44876 Lessons: Instructor using add External Tool should not have the Use LTI Advantage Auto Configuration button

SAK-44875 Fix unit test failure introduced in SAK-44728

SAK-44873 Multiple issues with assignments released to deleted groups

SAK-44872 Remove unused FCKEditor directory

SAK-44871 Improve IMS CC Import of Topics / Forums / Discussions

SAK-44870 SAMIGO - (Feedback) Hot spot student answer don't appear

SAK-44865 Support LTI subsitution variable

SAK-44862 Lessons: back slash in Lesson sub page name error

SAK-44860 Incorrect word usage in Date Manager confirmation message.

SAK-44857 When setting the entry description in LTI 1.3 Deep Link it does not make it into Lessons

SAK-44856 Dark Mode Text Readability Issue in Manage Tools window

SAK-44853 Create a new UserMessagingService which handles pluggable messaging methods, such as email, pushed browser alerts or sms.

SAK-44851 Make hibernate generate_statistics configurable and false by default

SAK-44850 Anonymous assignment submissions not displaying

SAK-44848 Messages: Compose page doesn't load after certain advanced search options have been selected

SAK-44847 Hardcoded white background in Discussion Forums

SAK-44845 Samigo: Table of Contents and Show Feedback links allows double clicking resulting in Data Discrepancy errors

SAK-44844 UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java 5.1.3

SAK-44841 Gradebook Section info does not display if multiple roles have section.role.student permission

SAK-44840 Assignments / grade report missing student record if same name as another student

SAK-44839 CKEditor 4 preview can't handle apostrophes or HTML

SAK-44838 Replace X image with icon + text button on Site Info :: Manage Tools

SAK-44836 Profile: Recorded Name Pronunciation audio is sped up / higher pitch

SAK-44835 Typo in ckeditor templates

SAK-44833 Forums Stack Trace when replying in Anonymous Topic

SAK-44832 Browser console error after button removed in Profile / Connections

SAK-44825 Fix the NPE introduced into Lessons in SAK-44770

SAK-44823 Accessibility, Portal: User menu that is needed to log out says "void" to screen reader users

SAK-44818 Update jfreechart 1.5.1

SAK-44817 JavaScript error in LTI Import Feature in Lessons

SAK-44816 Fix additional bug in External Tool Blank Page

SAK-44815 CKEditor dark still has light background in Firefox

SAK-44811 Further Improvements to Catch Content Blocked in Iframe

SAK-44810 Support subsitution variables

SAK-44809 Fix Cookie Regresson in Lessons External Tool Import (Content Item)

SAK-44806 MOTD setting to limit number of characters in body displayed does not work

SAK-44805 Assignment task should be marked completed on submission

SAK-44804 Announcement reorder tab not reflecting the ending dates

SAK-44798 SAMIGO: Different styles for radio button options on Test & Quizzes

SAK-44796 Update antisamy 1.5.11

SAK-44787 Alter Data Model to support the course_navigation placement for LTI tools

SAK-44784 Syllabus move persistence from HBM to JPA

SAK-44783 Site Info > Manage Groups > Edit Joinable Set > two primary action buttons are present

SAK-44782 Forums > New Forum > no primary action button

SAK-44781 Samigo > remove uses of messageSamigo class for standardized sak-banner-error

SAK-44778 Regression: Assignment List > Selected Groups no longer sorted

SAK-44777 Apache Tomcat 9.0.41

SAK-44776 T&Q: When timer submits quiz, most of the time the student's last answer is not saved

SAK-44774 Samigo > edit > audio question > provide custom validation message for time allowed

SAK-44772 Add ability to "patch" LTI tool placements after a CC import with broken links

SAK-44771 getAutoReminderTotalEventCount java.lang.Long cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer

SAK-44770 Lessons > Page settings does not reflect custom tool title from ToolConfiguration

SAK-44769 Date Manager / Cannot update Lesson pages

SAK-44768 Move Copyright Message under Copyright Status

SAK-44767 Sort order is alphabetical after restoring or permanently deleting an assignment

SAK-44764 Delete tool_public_key and tool_private_key fields from the lti_tool table

SAK-44763 Improve LTI Tool Matching During Common Cartridge Import

SAK-44761 Make it so Instructors can Edit Keys and Secrets of LTI tools in their Sites

SAK-44760 Drop Box student folder in trash is missing student name/ID and cannot be restored

SAK-44758 Extra blank column in Search Resources/Add Attachment page while creating new Citation List

SAK-44755 samigo-app using wrong apache commons libs

SAK-44754 Lessons > Fix NPE on student content when group is deleted and related improvements

SAK-44753 Rubrics tool association add a unique constraint per rubric / tool / item

SAK-44751 Update Apache httpcore 5.0.3 & 4.4.14

SAK-44747 StatsUpdateManagerTests are broken

SAK-44746 StatsUpdateManagerTests are broken on Ubuntu Github Actions

SAK-44745 Improve the styling of the new grader

SAK-44744 SAMIGO - Wrong export when formulas includes more than one comma on a calculated question

SAK-44743 SAMIGO - No need recalculate height when editor HTML is shown

SAK-44742 Update Apache Tika 1.25

SAK-44740 Tests & Quizzes: Republish a published assessment reset the associate gradebook item

SAK-44738 Student allowed to take assessment from Lessons multiple times

SAK-44737 Change "Immediate Feedback" to "Feedback During the Assessment"

SAK-44736 Update cql-java dependency

SAK-44735 Test timer does not work inside an iframe

SAK-44734 Correct spanish translate on lessons at upload ZIP

SAK-44733 LESSONS - Bad style on tool bar navigation if there are some subpages on lessons and subpage navigation is enable

SAK-44731 SAMIGO - Problem if rationale includes a < symbol

SAK-44730 T&Q: Timed quiz with due date and late allowed - Stacktrace on timer submit

SAK-44728 Rubrics: Hiding, then unhiding the rubrics tool allows students to see and work with rubrics

SAK-44727 Rubrics, GB: TypeError: this.evaluation is undefined

SAK-44726 Clean up rubrics unused method and shorten rest endpoints

SAK-44723 SAMIGO - Rationale is hardcoded

SAK-44722 SAMIGO - Uncategorized text is hardcoded

SAK-44718 SAMIGO - A lot of scroll on settings page

SAK-44714 Resources: students have the "copy" option in the drop-down even though it does nothing

SAK-44706 Update Apache Wicket 8.11.0

SAK-44705 Resources: Copy URL to Clipboard - Dead link

SAK-44703 Samigo calculated questions do not evaluate large E expressions correctly

SAK-44702 Long img alt text with linebreaks can cause StackOverflowError

SAK-44700 Announcements > Add > Availability > "Hide" label isn't connected to its radio button

SAK-44697 Updated Help Content for Sakai 21

SAK-44696 Migrate away from Travis-CI

SAK-44695 LTI-Lessons: Other tester's links displaying briefly when adding tool

SAK-44694 Upgrade libsass dependency to depend on jsass 5.10.4

SAK-44690 Update Apache Tomcat 9.0.40

SAK-44688 MOTD announcement not displaying in home dashboard

SAK-44687 ELFinder very large image thumbnail causing OOM

SAK-44685 Update OpenCVS 5.3

SAK-44684 Assignments - Draft submissions visible in Classic Grader, not New Grader

SAK-44683 Upgrade XStream library to 1.4.17 because of security issues

SAK-44682 Add data, i18n and styles to webcomponents storybook setup

SAK-44681 Bullhorn alerts ignore timezone settings in Preferences tool

SAK-44679 ORACLE - Rubrics OutOfMemoryError

SAK-44676 Hide non-working Lessons checkbox in LTI Admin UI

SAK-44675 Handle Null Case for findAssignment

SAK-44674 Lessons > non-null, blank width or height causes Fatal Internal Error on student pages

SAK-44672 Remove unused user property "AccountValidated"

SAK-44670 Joinable Set: Group numbers start at 0

SAK-44666 Turnitin OC: Student changes to the similarity exclusions are saved in the viewer

SAK-44662 Provide a Continue button for student that takes assessment via URL

SAK-44661 Configure External Tool page blank for LTI 1.1

SAK-44652 Provide warning when instructor grades with multiple tabs

SAK-44651 Lessons: Can not add existing page to the tool menu

SAK-44648 T&Q: Late label displays under due date on instructor's assessments page for quiz with no late allowed

SAK-44641 i18n properties can expire and revert to original text

SAK-44640 Items in Gradebook related to restored assignments are not recovered

SAK-44638 Bugs fixes for SAK-42856: Message destination error

SAK-44637 Make the Lessons Placement Checkbox Work

SAK-44632 Bad HTML manipulation when viewing student response

SAK-44630 Provide option to enroll TAs as Turnitin instructors

SAK-44629 Dark theme bugs

SAK-44627 Provide a timer warning when user browses with multiple tabs

SAK-44624 SAMIGO - Student response column on Question tab is not update when Regrade and Republish

SAK-44620 Kernel-impl: Overriding managed version 4.5.13 for httpclient

SAK-44617 Get Grades Flowing for LTI Based Assignments

SAK-44616 Insure that the contentitem field is properly set in lti_content regardless of code path

SAK-44614 T&Q: True False questions do not display message that min points and points deducted for incorrect answer cannot be used at the same time

SAK-44611 Forums: Rubric icon does not appear from ELFinder links

SAK-44608 Insure the LTI_PLACEMENTSECRET is properly initialized on all LTIService code paths

SAK-44603 Clearer extended time help text

SAK-44601 PROFILE - Error 500 when student's profile name contains more than one whitespaces

SAK-44598 Promote manually added user to any provided role

SAK-44597 Rubrics: Error in console sorting rubrics

SAK-44587 Course/Project site Creation Date column is empty in Worksite Setup

SAK-44585 Tests & Quizzes: Grading by question doesn't advance if rubric score is invalid

SAK-44583 In a draft assessment anonymous grading checkbox doesn't stay checked

SAK-44582 SIGNUP - Signup isn't available for students

SAK-44579 Special Character in FIB question scores incorrectly

SAK-44578 Error 500 when session timeout

SAK-44577 Private messages - Error creating new folder

SAK-44564 Rubrics: adjusted score and selecting 0 does not display 0 until a different (> 0) cell has been clicked

SAK-44563 Profile: "Create Worksite" button should not appear in Connection

SAK-44562 Enable dark theme support in ckeditor

SAK-44561 Error parsing the date/time PA SYSTEM Create Banner

SAK-44560 T&Q: Minimum points lost if questions are copied to pool

SAK-44557 Lessons has weird links like /123 in its markup

SAK-44555 Samigo > Minimum Point Value > Linear Access > Points Awarded on Unattempted Questions

SAK-44552 T&Q: Single Correct, partial credit or points deducted and minimum points

SAK-44550 Message bundle manager throws error on nightly

SAK-44548 Help documentation Links to page that causes a 400 request

SAK-44547 T&Q-Lessons: Instructor preview displays stacktrace - ServletException: /jsf/delivery/deliveryjQuery.jsp(26,39)

SAK-44545 Rubrics text overlapping/cut off at 500px

SAK-44544 Commons tool can't be opened in Full Screen

SAK-44543 RSF Tools Generate bad URLs for Static Content

SAK-44542 Site icon needs alt text

SAK-44532 Error when try adding a student on a blocked section/group

SAK-44531 Permissions widget: undo changes button not always clickable

SAK-44530 SAMIGO - Error on points on calculated question when a student doesn't fill some answer

SAK-44527 Hibernate query caching causes MissingEntityException on multi node Sakai instances

SAK-44524 T&Qs : Double clicking when creating assessment shows error

SAK-44523 Select menus do not have borders defined

SAK-44520 Unable to update T&Q settings with Exceptions after submissions occurred

SAK-44513 Topic stats page header showing html markup, probably escaped

SAK-44510 Samigo > IndexOutOfBoundsException when editing calculated question with more than 26 variables + formulas combined

SAK-44507 Low color contrast for exception text

SAK-44505 Console Error when renaming Rubrics

SAK-44501 Not possible to Select/Unselect all groups while creating announcement

SAK-44500 OneDriveItem integer size can't store more than 2 GB

SAK-44499 update Apache commons-net 3.7.2

SAK-44498 T&Q: Audio response stacktrace when opening question

SAK-44497 Remove user lookups from User Audit Log

SAK-44495 Gradebook should use the UserSortNameComparator

SAK-44494 Extra box in Permissions (Email Archive and more) grid from ~660-800px browser window size

SAK-44492 Forums / grading - loss of grades and comments

SAK-44489 Assignments: Cannot create an assignment - stacktrace

SAK-44486 Forums - email notification is sent to users who didn't participate in conversation

SAK-44485 Add unit tests for sakai-i18n.js

SAK-44481 Rubrics in Assignments (New Grader) allows 3+ decimal places, then multiplies the score to make it only 2 decimal places

SAK-44477 File naming when compressing top-level folder

SAK-44468 Releasing Assignments to auto groups broken

SAK-44466 T&Q: Preview and student taking quiz results in 500 error, user kicked out of quiz

SAK-44463 Update Apache httpcore 5.0 & HttpClient 5.0

SAK-44461 Overview: The setting of "show about" dropdown menu under recent announcement doesn't get updated after modification

SAK-44459 Instructor receives bad time warning when imported assessment has an old retract date

SAK-44458 Site Info - User Audit Log - Tool dies after a user is deleted (no data displays)

SAK-44453 Update Apache Tomcat 9.0.39

SAK-44452 None of the above isn't checked when it is the answer on grading Questions

SAK-44451 T&Q: Single selection, Single correct question loses partial credit when copying to pool

SAK-44450 Forums: StaleObjectStateException error occurs when editing the group permissions in forum settings

SAK-44447 Increase performance of applying dark theme on new page loads

SAK-44445 Presence polling db performance improvement

SAK-44443 Lessons Remove AssignmentEntity Cache

SAK-44442 Update Apache Wicket 8.10.0

SAK-44441 Update HttpComponents 4.5.13

SAK-44439 Lessons: Content can't be removed

SAK-44437 Update MariaDB Connector/J 2.7.0

SAK-44433 Error message on question results screen in languages with comma decimal seperator

SAK-44432 Permissions section blank in Messages tool

SAK-44425 Draft assignments are displayed in Bullhorns notifications

SAK-44423 Update Spotbugs 4.1.3

SAK-44422 T&Q: Quiz by URL, console error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'locale' of undefined

SAK-44420 NPE opening polls tool when old site contains poll_option.deleted = null

SAK-44416 No longer possible to entity link to assignments

SAK-44414 update Apache commons-net 3.7.1

SAK-44411 SiteStat: test FakeSite Time

SAK-44406 Share or rename Rubrics doesn't refresh view

SAK-44400 Students can't view graded forum rubric in Gradebook

SAK-44397 Bugs fixes for SAK-42856: Provide a way to reply private messages from external mail

SAK-44395 sakai-rubric-student-button is making excessive http calls on load

SAK-44394 Rubrics add Caching for improved performance

SAK-44393 Fix design and styling of the dark mode toggle button

SAK-44391 NPE sending email to mail archive (FormattedText)

SAK-44390 Lessons / Invalid sequence values for multiple content links added simultaneously

SAK-44388 Add RWiki tips Hover text in Edit tab

SAK-44383 Samigo > No obvious way for users to return to quiz delivered by URL after being presented with the Data Discrepancy page

SAK-44381 TimedAssessmentRunnable NullPointerException

SAK-44380 Augment LTI 1.3 Deep Link Requests with Sakai's willingness to accept certain values

SAK-44379 Grader: Document file preview for .doc, .ppt etc, broken in master.

SAK-44377 Samgio preview uses old preview banner

SAK-44376 Test & Quizzes: Wrong instruction for file upload question

SAK-44373 course average gpa not displaying points as it should

SAK-44372 Unable to tab through options in new assignment grader

SAK-44371 Samigo / Error throws when edit non numeric in student score

SAK-44368 LTI Assignment type causes NPE stack trace

SAK-44364 Regression on return-url for LTI Launch

SAK-44362 LTI 1.1 Content Item Return - NPE (Regression)

SAK-44360 Pin webcomponent npm version numbers. Avoid unexpected version bumps.

SAK-44359 Update Rome 1.15.0

SAK-44358 NPE on tomcat startup with the DelegatedAccessSampleDataLoader

SAK-44357 Assessment template time format is wrong

SAK-44355 Full screen indicator causes a console error when on xlogin screen.

SAK-44353 Group Manager and Date Manager do not change idiom

SAK-44350 Group Locking: 20.x migration script issue

SAK-44348 Fix dark theme

SAK-44343 All admin users should be able to edit Default Assessment Template

SAK-44342 Improve usage of ResourceLoader to enhance performance

SAK-44341 Resources: Upload files -> Overwrite existing does not work with special characters in file name

SAK-44340 Rubrics application properties are preventing rubrics from starting up

SAK-44338 Event: Time => Instant

SAK-44332 Rubrics using out of date sortablejs. Fails to render.

SAK-44326 Update Apache Tomcat 9.0.38

SAK-44324 SAMIGO - Calculated Questions: Some functions don't work (mXparser)

SAK-44322 Assignments LTI: 403 error

SAK-44320 AutoSubmit Event Log submitted date should use student last time

SAK-44319 Up empathise version to 0.1.9 to enable windows compatibility

SAK-44318 A lot of emails with the error

SAK-44317 StringUtil.limit => StringUtils.abbreviate

SAK-44315 Samigo discrepancyInData.jsp text improvements

SAK-44314 TimedAssessmentRunnable IndexOutOfBoundsException

SAK-44306 Error on log when trying to upload file with no file selected

SAK-44305 Messages > Compose Message > Specify Recipient > Save Draft > Recipient not Saved

SAK-44304 T&Q: User data loss when general or selection level feedback exceeds 4000 characters

SAK-44302 Reduce Ignite logging

SAK-44297 T&Q: exception with no start date causes NPE

SAK-44296 T&Q: Stacktrace javax.servlet.ServletException: /jsf/questionpool/poolTreeTable.jsp(48,0) 'tier#{questionpool.tree.currentLevel}' Error reading [currentLevel] on type

SAK-44294 Rubric doesn't show when points overridden without a selection

SAK-44293 Full screen message doesn't make it clear how to get out of full screen mode

SAK-44292 FORUMS: Error unique result while Automatically create multiple topics for groups

SAK-44291 Rubrics are broken in Master

SAK-44288 T&Q: Retake does not work if there is a late allowed time

SAK-44287 Another NPE in the Delete of a Score in a LineItem

SAK-44286 T&Q: Instructor should not be able to set Allow Retake? after due/late allowed date

SAK-44285 Missing property key - key simplepage.error_colon

SAK-44283 LTI Advantage scores service drops decimal values

SAK-44280 "Enable negative marking" automatically enabled after creating a M/C, single correct question

SAK-44278 Update google-api

SAK-44277 Update Apache commons-io 2.8.0

SAK-44264 Assignments: Grader is broken when participants does not exist in the site.

SAK-44262 ORACLE: Rubrics doesn't work

SAK-44261 Use stateful quartz wrapper for SiteStats event aggregation job

SAK-44260 RUBRICS: Error con log and console when adding an assignment from Lessons

SAK-44258 NullPointerException with SamigoETSProvider in startup with samigo autosubmit quartz job

SAK-44253 Assignment tool translations for Japanese and Chinese

SAK-44250 Samigo > settings > add time limit validation

SAK-44249 Fix RequestFilter to respect property

SAK-44248 Samigo: Question Progress links allow double clicking resulting in Data Discrepancy errors

SAK-44247 Timer warning can overlap images during test delivery

SAK-44246 Quartz throwing NPEs on GetArchivesJob

SAK-44245 Adding an announcement fails and causes an NPE in the logs

SAK-44242 SAMIGO - Duplicated headscripts.js

SAK-44234 News Tool changes title on first edit

SAK-44230 T&Q: Matching - None of the above displays none_above in questions page

SAK-44226 Assignments / new grader user drop down lists by first name then last name

SAK-44224 New field AutoDeleteDocument in API causes Urkund content-review not to work

SAK-44220 elfinder - ckeditor: Student gets 500 error

SAK-44216 Messages: Advanced search doesn't work finding by label on other languages

SAK-44207 ORACLE - Error when adding an assessment

SAK-44199 Sitestats: StatsUpdateManagerImpl.doUpdateSitePresencesObjects Exception

SAK-44190 Podcasts allows uploading PDF

SAK-44186 Assignments: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: this.i18n is undefined for document viewer

SAK-44184 Tests & Quizzes: Hot spot feedback not displayed

SAK-44179 Remove allowcustom feature

SAK-44178 T&Q: Questions in question pools not sortable

SAK-44174 Profile: The font of the time of publication should be different from the font of the content of say something

SAK-44170 Profile: Consistency between two ways of changing profile picture

SAK-44163 NPE in Empty Grade Handling in LTI Advantage

SAK-44155 T&Q: Timed quiz with due date and late allowed, displays wrong screen on timer expire/late time

SAK-44150 Test and Quizzes - Published Assessment URL cannot be copied using keyboard-only

SAK-44141 PostEm: Wrong wording when a Post'em item is released to a user who is not in the username column

SAK-44135 Groups not filtered correctly if a group title is a suffix of another

SAK-44134 Date Manager / Uncaught error if fixing date from previous error

SAK-44133 Can't add default tool to site

SAK-44125 Hiding rubrics grants all roles rubric.editor

SAK-44116 T&Q: Retake does not respect due date

SAK-44113 Assignments - Import published doesn't create GB items

SAK-44103 Assignments: Improvement for the listing of submitted attachments in the new grader

SAK-44093 lessons breadcrumb navigation

SAK-44092 OneDrive endpoint should allow use of single-tenant path

SAK-44087 T&Q: TOC text needs to be modified

SAK-44083 Assignments: Wording improvement for private notes in the new grader

SAK-44081 Assignments: P/F Grades that are applied to all students without a grade are not updated in the grading page

SAK-44074 Assignments: Cannot remove previously uploaded feedback attachment files

SAK-44069 SECTION INFO: First row shouldn't appear if 0 items found

SAK-44065 "Now" button in date picker doesn't update after page initially loads

SAK-44061 SAMIGO - Error while saving without From(Required) "Feedback will be displayed to the student on specific dates"

SAK-44051 Spanish translation - Mostrar all

SAK-44049 Test and quizzes - redirects to Lessons

SAK-44034 Rubrics: Weighted tooltip is unclear

SAK-44033 PA System: Clear date button has no icon

SAK-44030 Lessons: Can't assign forums or topic to different groups

SAK-44029 T&Q: static 5 minute warning issues

SAK-44028 Assignment Bulk Download creates 0-byte zip

SAK-44027 help.hide typo - sakai.announement

SAK-44017 Site Info > Hide Rubrics tool > Student cannot see full graded Rubric in Assignments

SAK-44008 Help link for MathJax is not directed to the correct page

SAK-44002 Error date managing for signup tool

SAK-44001 TQ: Late submissions automatically made do not display Late for the instructor

SAK-43998 Pipe or back slash in Lesson sub page name error

SAK-43995 Messages: Quick Search box is inconsistent with Search for text box

SAK-43993 News - feed formatting is off

SAK-43988 Search box in Lessons -> Create a new quiz the input box is misformatted

SAK-43986 Lessons: Illegible font size - Create a Test and Quiz

SAK-43984 Syllabus - required * indicator too wide

SAK-43977 Menu Navigation in Topic (dfAllMessages) is not working

SAK-43975 Lessons - peer review evaluation statistics page doesn't show reviews for rubrics with extraneous whitespace

SAK-43972 Unequal button size between Dropbox and Resources

SAK-43958 Date Manager for Tests & Quizzes should include Feedback Date

SAK-43947 ORACLE - Error on log when grading on Gradebook

SAK-43941 Profile: name pronunciation not saved if Phonetic Pronunciation has no value and no message to the user

SAK-43930 Lessons-cc export/import: Quiz points incorrect

SAK-43921 Samigo: Sort by submitted date on scores page does not sort properly

SAK-43919 Lessons: "Delete" button doesn't align with other buttons in style when adding questions

SAK-43918 Lessons: Add instruction for correct answer when adding question

SAK-43916 Lessons: cc_export not complete

SAK-43912 Rubrics: Duplicating a row creates 2 duplicates

SAK-43911 Drag and Drop Reorder lists should display a grabbing cursor on hover

SAK-43909 Update oAuth admin styling and rights

SAK-43898 SWITCH: Polls: Use permissions widget

SAK-43869 Lessons: Can make a gradebook item without a Gradebook in the site

SAK-43868 Site Info - Groups: Triangle beside locked tool does not change for expand/collapse

SAK-43863 Tests & Quizzes - Instructor preview doesn't include Rubrics

SAK-43853 Assignments > Grader > Assigning resubmission then leaving grader breaks the submission

SAK-43850 T&Q: Editing question in question pool - breadcrumb navigation outside banner

SAK-43848 Calendar / blank page after cancel on removing event

SAK-43841 Add Section/Column break in Lessons - order not clear

SAK-43838 SAMIGO - Error when editing Matching questions

SAK-43829 Forums: Create new forum without a title causes confusing error message

SAK-43805 Assignment 12 Conversion job gives error in backend

SAK-43796 Assignment > Submissions page displays draft label, a submission date and an ungraded status for student's draft

SAK-43792 Long instructor comments doesn't display properly when clicking the comment icon from the instructor's view

SAK-43760 Rubrics: Can not use keyboard-only to edit criterion or ratings

SAK-43757 SWITCH: Permissions Widget - unable to toggle TA permissions

SAK-43746 No warning message displays when an instructor enters a short description for a site with more than 80 characters

SAK-43743 SWITCH: Messages: Use permissions widget

SAK-43730 T&Q: If instructor grades by question, instructor attachments are missing

SAK-43707 SWITCH: Mailsender: Use permissions widget

SAK-43697 Background colour for Lessons/Page elements (comments, checklist, MCQ)

SAK-43696 Test & Quizzes: Images access in quizzes are not accurately represented in preview

SAK-43692 SWITCH: Chat: Use permissions widget

SAK-43678 Assignments: Incorrect order in name column when downloading spreadsheet [XLSX]

SAK-43661 Add property to uncheck the new Sakai grader by default.

SAK-43648 Forums / permissions are not kept on duplicated forums

SAK-43646 Rubrics cancel button does not work when grading

SAK-43641 Assignments-Grader: Instructor's feedback not displaying to instructor on resubmission

SAK-43640 T&Q: Style retract message and add more space between buttons and message

SAK-43621 Samigo: Deleting submission should soft delete and not purge from database

SAK-43613 Samigo: Modify text of assessment preview banner.

SAK-43610 Tests & Quizzes - Exceptions to Time Limit - Please add time validation

SAK-43564 Samigo hotspot answer is correct but grade is 0 with "Don't allow partial credit"

SAK-43531 Site Info > Manage Groups: Improve the empty state

SAK-43527 Lessons / embedded conversations link displays stack trace error

SAK-43507 Bullhorns: Tool's name always appears on English

SAK-43492 Web Content: When selecting the custom icon after leaving focus goes to the bottom of the page

SAK-43480 Assignment: There is no control error while entering grades with , or . depending on language.

SAK-43433 Overview / manage overview updates places user in Site Info tool

SAK-43400 Assignments - make progress bar accessible

SAK-43390 Sakai Grader: Document preview is not "refreshed" when changing between students

SAK-43378 Calendar / week view shows item on wrong date from csv import

SAK-43368 Grader-Rubrics-Assignments: Grader is displaying graded rubric from previous student when grading next student

SAK-43304 Lessons: Comments - Number of comments is wrong

SAK-43299 Site Info: Expandable Section, Group on site info have lots of white space if groups are added to site

SAK-43289 Rubrics indicator icon doesn't use tool icon

SAK-43240 Assignments: Missing button "or select files from 'Home' or site" when reviewing peer assignments

SAK-43238 Embedded Announcement block in Lessons display order

SAK-43231 samigo: Stats incorrect for fill in the blank question with 0 point value

SAK-43149 Tool registration functions.require parsing failure causing tools like Drop Box to incorrectly display status in Tool Order

SAK-43138 Tools that are hidden from students by default (Statistics, Rubrics) should have hidden icon

SAK-43136 Change Samigo's create boxes' color to not depend on primary-color

SAK-43073 T&Q: Exceptions for Late Allowed not honored when quiz set to autosubmit

SAK-43044 Messages can be sent, can't be read, with single space in subject

SAK-43022 Gradebook course grade calculation when using an override by number or percent

SAK-42942 Parent Issue for any bugs found regarding the new skin for Sakai 20

SAK-42923 Assignments remain assigned to section when imported from another site

SAK-42797 Forums - Post UI is not consistent after editing it.

SAK-42794 Samigo > extended time > implement user and group fields as mutually exclusive radio buttons

SAK-42750 T&Q: Error message drops to the next line, below the icon

SAK-42670 Samigo - access key [L] enters Event Log rather than opening tools menu

SAK-42612 Broken links within Sakai 19 Help Articles

SAK-42538 Add Spring IO Respositories

SAK-42472 Lessons: Short Answer Question displays red "X" after student submission

SAK-42371 Rubrics in T&Q: Ratings/Comments Not Saved, if Click on Add Attachments

SAK-42369 Syllabus / Import only brings over the first attachment on item

SAK-42085 Instructor: Manage Rubrics Cannot access the Add Rating icons and Edit Rating icons

SAK-41836 Date picker covers the date field

SAK-41655 Gradebook: Sorting and filtering students distorts next/previous logic for Grade Summary

SAK-41593 Lessons Automatic Checklist links don't import-imported Checklist doesn't work

SAK-41588 When modifying graded rubric from adjust to default, scores and cells do not match

SAK-41584 Fix text indentations on Site Info > Manage Access page

SAK-41502 Excusing an individual grade should be reflected in score's Grade Log

SAK-41500 Lessons / calendar group aware not working

SAK-41426 Groups list sorting doesn't take numbers into account (1 vs 10 vs 2)

SAK-41363 Remove "Re-Use Material from One other Site"

SAK-41358 Fix accessibility information links in help

SAK-41263 Groups: once a group is locked by Group Submission assignment, it can't be unlocked or deleted even if unassociated

SAK-41201 Site Info: Stealthed External Tool is removed when using Manage Tools to add a tool for 12, 19, 20

SAK-40815 Commons tool needs button for community help documentation

SAK-40813 assignments: Allow individual student to make first submission late (i.e. NOT resubmit)

SAK-40738 CKEditor autosave alerts about saved text for ckeditor other than the one that originated the autosave

SAK-40680 Joinable groups / cannot join locked group from assignments

SAK-40447 Authz & Site:Remove deprecated methods - > getCreatedTime, getModifiedTime

SAK-40409 msgcntr: forums: Allow students/members to access their own statistics and post information

SAK-40395 StackTrace QuestionPool: /jsf/questionpool/poolTreeTable.jsp(48,0)

SAK-40330 TA is unable to save or save/release grades for assignments even if all students are in his section

SAK-39987 Restricting tool in Delegated Access not working

SAK-39979 Samigo QTI Export file has a leading blank line making mneme QTI import fail

SAK-38691 Oracle session timestamp handling causes an outage when entering DST

SAK-38394 profile popover: Ensure ARIA roles, states, and properties are valid

SAK-37873 Inactive students appear on "View checklist progress" screen

SAK-37763 Update points in grading pane of lessons tool

SAK-36801 Calculated question: Correct answer is graded as wrong when the answer uses comma as decimal separator instead of using the point

SAK-34480 Matrix of Choices question: Answer Key text on feedback/submission page

SAK-34477 Get curly brackets as text in a Fill in the Blank

SAK-34395 Inconsistent capitalization in the Question Progress drawer

SAK-34322 Published Test Can Change Settings to Save to GB Item that already exists

SAK-34249 Excepted student unable to take another quiz if student clicked a button in previous quiz at or right after excepted due date in the same site

SAK-34226 Delimiters in some question types (FIB, Calculated, Numeric) conflict with MathJax

SAK-34123 "None of the Above" hardcoded in English in Matching Questions

SAK-33976 Remove top forums word count when composing a message as count is incorrect and redundant

SAK-33621 Remove flash code from audio recorder

SAK-33610 resource folders with files larger than sakai.content.resourceLimit are still clickable

SAK-30942 "Add Web Link" does not require you to enter a URL, resulting in 404 errors when clicked

SAK-28047 Accents don't work in Upload All / Download All zip filenames from Windows ZIP

SAK-25024 Forums/Messages save the Author of the post instead of consulting the UserDirectoryProvider

SAK-24944 Forums loads slow due to a slow query plan selected by MySQL

Feature Request

SAK-47038 When indexing a tool's content, give the tool a chance to supply the content creator's display name. That way we'll be able to search for a user.

SAK-46685 Creating TimeSheetService as TaskService is implemented

SAK-46666 Romanian Translation: Translate Sakai 22 and 23 to Romanian

SAK-46526 Add Ignite endpoint to access cluster and cache information

SAK-46434 As a teacher, allow to hide members that already joined a group from a joinable set

SAK-46373 Turnitin OC: update Japanese translation for Repository

SAK-46344 Save the selected filter membership when creating/editing a group

SAK-46287 Tests & Quizzes: Question pool icons should be caret icons

SAK-46269 Podcasts: Ability to listen audio files

SAK-46230 Turnitin OC: add full list of search_repositories to request and allow TCA to trim it

SAK-46222 Arabic Translation: Translate Sakai 22 to Arabic

SAK-46176 Become user: Apply some styling

SAK-46175 Memory: Provide some styling

SAK-46174 Archive admin tool: Give the UI some love.

SAK-46162 Rewrite the 'Mailsender Tool UI' from RSF to Thymeleaf

SAK-46158 Webcomponents: Upgrade packages for Sakai 22

SAK-46140 Add simple date shifter to provide some level of automation for Date Manager

SAK-46138 Fullcalendar: Upgrade fullcalendar from 5.8.0 to 5.9.0

SAK-46115 Assignments > ability to disable setting to send grades to an existing gradebook item

SAK-46086 GBNG > export > include student #'s by default

SAK-46085 SocialNetworkingInfo: Instagram?

SAK-46051 Antisamy > whitelist

SAK-46042 Request Account's email template should indicate the user's login id

SAK-46034 Add new Page Layouts feature to Lessons

SAK-46021 Add a "Like" feature to Commons posts and comments

SAK-46005 Samigo > make data discrepancy "return" link/button text configurable

SAK-45947 External tools show in list of tools instead of the separate expandable area External Tools

SAK-45946 Samigo: Remove Tigra Color Picker

SAK-45932 Assignments-Video Recording: Move the start/stop buttons to below the video once it starts

SAK-45903 Parent issue for samigo assessment setting improvements

SAK-45896 Strenghten Sakai 22. Jul'21 Upgrade libraries and dependencies.

SAK-45895 WebJars: Upgrade UI libraries for Sakai 22 (July 2021)

SAK-45887 Add name pronunciation to Forum/Messages profile blurb

SAK-45872 Gradebook Classic JSF upgrade

SAK-45844 CKEDITOR: Add collapsible option

SAK-45797 Announcements: Warn that Email Notifications require a published site

SAK-45751 Assignments: Support video submissions

SAK-45734 Rewrite the 'Account Validator Tool UI' from RSF to Thymeleaf

SAK-45733 Add Person.Address.Timezone to custom LTI params

SAK-45717 Lessons: MySQLSyntaxErrorException with subpage nav and groups involvled

SAK-45712 Tests & Quizzes: Display trash icon instead of underlined 'X' for deleting student submissions

SAK-45693 Bulk grading of unsubmitted and ungraded assignments

SAK-45674 Calendar: Replace UI using fullcalendar

SAK-45642 Job Scheduler JSF upgrade

SAK-45631 Content Review Assignment: add the ability to submit to an assignment without accepting the EULA

SAK-45616 Add Proctorio capabilities to Samigo

SAK-45601 Modify "ifs" processing for XAPI events and pool usage instead of threads

SAK-45557 Upgrade CAS Client to allow new CAS 6 servers.

SAK-45555 Help JSF upgrade

SAK-45537 Access: Ability to serve files using time based tokens.

SAK-45517 Signup JSF upgrade

SAK-45501 Syllabus JSF upgrade

SAK-45443 Podcasts JSF upgrade

SAK-45442 Postem JSF upgrade

SAK-45439 User Admin Preferences JSF upgrade

SAK-45429 Rewrite the 'Reset Pass Tool UI' from RSF to Thymeleaf

SAK-45410 Rewrite the 'Email Template Tool UI' from RSF to Thymeleaf

SAK-45352 SAMIGO > Fill in the Blank > Warning for Forbidden Characters

SAK-45282 Move webcomponents unit tests to use Karma and Jasmine

SAK-45224 Upgrading Mathjax to v.2.7.9

SAK-45171 Add an extra info label to the status column in manage participants, driven by SIS records

SAK-45096 User Preferences JSF upgrade

SAK-45095 User Membership JSF upgrade

SAK-45092 Create a new tool for handling conversations in Sakai

SAK-44967 Allow students to see the grades of their classmates

SAK-44926 Export Rubrics on PDF

SAK-44883 New Postem tool with Thymeleaf

SAK-44867 Calendar Summary JSF upgrade

SAK-44859 user audit service JSF upgrade

SAK-44822 The default view of Roster can be list instead of cards

SAK-44785 Convert ckeditor data uri base64 images to Resources linked images

SAK-44717 Include the submitted time and if the submission was late in the Grade Report spreadsheet

SAK-44673 Turnitin OC: Update indexing for generate on due_date report generation option

SAK-44657 Add negative caching to UserDirectoryProvider

SAK-44626 Lessons Add Dates to Assignment Links

SAK-44575 Rubrics: Allow negative (penalty) points for a criterion

SAK-44573 When adding comments to a rubric, automatically set focus to text box

SAK-44410 Unboundid - add options for setHealthCheckIntervalMillis and setHealthCheck

SAK-44328 Sep'20 - Upgrade Spring dependencies

SAK-44309 Save event when student upload or delete an attachment in samigo

SAK-44265 Move Bullhorns to use Server Sent Events, rather than short polling.

SAK-44239 Rubrics sort by columns

SAK-44159 Improve Reorder in Lessons

SAK-44157 "Add Layout" feature in Lessons

SAK-44153 Improvements to Group and Date Released Subpages in Lessons

SAK-44139 T&Q: Late items should be in dark red font with (Late) shown next to the due date

SAK-44132 Add property to disable Forums group permission locking

SAK-44055 Support emerging IMS spec to auto-provision LTI13

SAK-43510 Add a personal pronouns field to the name pronunciation section of profile tool

SAK-43466 Sections JSF upgrade

SAK-43155 Worklog tab in assignments

SAK-43031 Assignments / Grade this Assignment to be checked by default

SAK-42639 Brute force prevention on login page of SAKAI

SAK-42266 Change how Assignments are shown in Lessons before Open date

SAK-42265 samigo: Improve text of warning in confirmation when deleting Draft quizzes

SAK-41604 Add Group support to Rubrics

SAK-37445 Bring Required Indicators in line with Font Awesome Use

SAK-34777 Allow instructor to override points from questions selected from question pool

SAK-34596 Remove the working copy once an assessment is published

SAK-33701 History Log for Assignment Submissions

SAK-33595 Support Java 11

SAK-29425 msgcntr: forums: Add Percent Read and # of Posts statistics to individual student pages in Forums

SAK-15967 Add filtering to Section Info roster for instructor view


SAK-46380 T&Q: Options hidden when re-opening assessment settings

SAK-46376 T&Q: Stop Accepting Now button missing

SAK-46375 T&Q: Question Metadata contains a curly brace behind the text

SAK-46365 T&Q: Timed settings need reworded

SAK-46364 T&Q: Availability and Submissions should be the default section to open

SAK-45920 Samigo: Tests & Quizzes - Improve accessibility with aria-describedby attributes in assessment settings

SAK-45905 samigo: Split up the text label for the "allow late submissions" option in settings, so only the relevant part shows when not enabled.

SAK-45904 Samigo: Tests & Quizzes - Fixing/Improving UI/UX of assessment settings

SAK-45767 Calendar: all-day text is confusing, along with that row and the dates having (disabled) scrollbars

SAK-45766 Calendar: Unable to set a default view for the Calendar View other than by week

SAK-45541 Oauth: Update Joda-time => java.time

SAK-45536 @deprecated Tool

SAK-45379 Samigo: Update Joda-time => java.time

SAK-45368 calendar-util: Update Joda-time => java.time

SAK-45364 rubrics: Update Joda-time => java.time

SAK-45360 delegatedaccess, admin-perms-tool: Update Joda-time => java.time

SAK-45051 Add Gradebook items to Tasks widget

SAK-44613 T&Q: Single correct, setting min points, then partial credit still sets score to min points

SAK-44529 Revert defaultGUID to use serverName not sha56Hash

SAK-44464 onedrive & master: Update HttpClient 5.0 & HttpCore 5.0

SAK-44382 Rename "Watch" to "Notifications"

SAK-44347 Kernel: Validator.escapeHtml, Web.escapeHtml => FormattedText

SAK-44301 Refactor Forums permission checks to be more streamlined

SAK-44228 Site-manage, entitybroker: Deprecated utils.FormattedText => api.FormattedText

SAK-44192 Deprecated utils.FormattedText => api.FormattedText

SAK-43971 Breadcrumb in Resources needs adjusted padding.

SAK-43179 Color contrast in admin Become User view not good with Sakai logo

SAK-43140 Feature Request - Sakai 20 New Skin - Consider outline for the elements of a site tab in the sites bar when hover or active

SAK-40509 Site-manage: Time

SAK-40427 Rename "Forums" tool to "Discussions"

SAK-34674 Samigo: Tests & Quizzes - Improve text in Settings to make the options easier to understand


SAK-46891 Make Dashboard visible by default for users

SAK-46812 Assignments - Students can insert timesheet without comment

SAK-46808 Enter explanatory text in the option to 'Send grades to Gradebook'

SAK-46501 Samigo - Add property to select the default sorting column in assessment list view

SAK-46025 Remove information text from 19 about Manage Participants being moved

SAK-45529 Turnitin OC: update EULA links to the new format

SAK-45389 Add a README for the new LibreOffice file conversion service

SAK-45141 Update the eslint config for webcomponents, make it more encompassing.

SAK-45093 TurnitinOC: Update Help Page links for supported Languages

SAK-45020 Add eslint to webcomponents build

SAK-44849 admin-su JSF upgrade

SAK-44710 Improve Dashboard README

SAK-39751 Add getLong method to ServerConfigurationService

SAK-29960 Upgrade to log4j v2.x