Sakai 22 Upgrade Information

About this page

This page is focused on upgrading from Sakai 21 to Sakai 22. It provides a link (below) to the Sakai 21 upgrade information that you will need if you are upgrading first to Sakai 21. Do that first and then come back here for the final steps to migrate to Sakai 22.

Select here to upgrade to Sakai 21, a prerequisite for upgrading to Sakai 22. If you are already on Sakai 21, you can ignore this link.

1.0 Database Conversion Scripts

Please run ALL the scripts from your original version to the version to which you are upgrading. There are two sets of database upgrade scripts, one for MySQL and one for Oracle. Use the appropriate scripts for your database type.

The current version of Sakai at the time Sakai 22.0 was released was Sakai 21.2, therefore make sure you upgrade to 21.2 before upgrading to 22.0. If your on a later version of Sakai 21 then you may need to adjust your script to remove lines that you already have run in 21.3 from the 22 script.

2.0 Post upgrade tasks


Elasticsearch was upgraded from 1.7.x to 7.16.x and there is no migration path to upgrade the indexes. It will be necessary to rebuild the index completely. Here are the steps:

  1. While the node(s) have been shutdown remove the elasticsearch work directory

  2. elasticsearch will begin indexing new documents automatically

  3. to add existing previous to the upgrade to the index there are 2 options

    1. rebuild only specific sites

      1. An admin will access each site they wish to rebuild and go to the search tool where they will see the Admin tab

      2. There will be a button to rebuild only this sites index

    2. rebuild all sites

      1. An admin will goto a site with the search tool where they will see the Admin tab

      2. There will be button to rebuild the whole index

      3. Rebuilding the whole index can be a time consuming task and for those with terabytes of data it can take days, therefore it will be wise to perform this task during a low usage time.

      4. Reminder rebuilding the whole index doesn’t have to be done immediately after an upgrade and can scheduled independently, you could even have solution where option a is used until there is a window to rebuild the whole index.

3.0 Browser Compatibility

Sakai is designed to work with modern browsers. Recommended browsers (those with the most QA testing effort against them) are Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft Edge should work fine. Sakai should work on most modern tablet and mobile devices. IE 11 is a poor browser choice as it is deprecated, slow, and has not implemented modern features. New functionality like Rubrics, may not work with IE 11.

4.0 Upgrading the Sakai skin