Install Sakai 11.4 on Ubuntu server 16.04 using binary package

This provides instruction for installing a default Sakai 11.4 demo instance on Ubuntu-server 16.04 using a packaged binary .deb


A fresh Ubuntu 16.04 install may not have all the required packages until after the package manager is updated, and some dependencies may require upgrading.


  1. update the apt package cache:

    Update cache

    apt-get update
  2. Upgrade packages:


    apt-get upgrade

Step-by-step guide (DEMO Database)


Prepare a demo database (package default is server:, username:sakai, password:changeme)

  1. Install MySQL-server:

    Install MySQL server

    sudo apt-get install mysql-server
  2. When prompted set your mysql root user password

    Set root password

  3. Create the sakai database: 

    Create Database

    echo "CREATE DATABASE sakai default character set utf8" | mysql -uroot -p<rootPw>

  4. Grant access to the package's default credentials:

    Create Grant

    echo "GRANT ALL ON sakai.* to 'sakai'@'' identified by 'changeme'" | mysql -uroot -p<rootPw>

Step-by-step guide (Sakai install)

These steps will install the Sakai 11.4 binaries and dependencies (tomcat, java, mysql-java-connector), after installation the can be found at /var/lib/tomcat8/sakai/, after making any changes restart Sakai with: sudo systemctl restart tomcat8

  1. Download the .deb package (


    > md5sum sakai-11.4.deb  
    cb08c390c2b6a30065b19a1c7bf000bb  sakai-11.4.deb

  2. Install with:

    Install Sakai

    sudo apt install ./sakai-11.4.deb


  3. Monitor catalina.out for a startup message similar to " INFO: Server startup in 78834 ms" using:

    Monitor log

    tail -f /var/log/tomcat8/catalina.out
  4. Sakai 11.4 should be available on port 8080 @ http://<serveraddresss>:8080/portal