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Release Dates

Sakai 11 release dates:

11.0 - released 2016 July 23

11.1 - released 2016 August 14

11.2 - released 2016 November 11

11.3 - released 2017 February 25

11.4 - released 2017 June 02

Additional Information:

Sakai 11 Press Release (coming soon)

About Sakai

Sakai is a Java-based, service-oriented web application that provides a variety of capabilities supporting teaching and learning, portfolios, research, and ad-hoc project collaboration. Sakai is typically deployed using Apache Tomcat as its servlet container and scalability is achieved by running multiple instances of Tomcat in a clustered environment, each deploying a copy of Sakai. It integrates with a variety of external authentication services including CAS, Kerberos, LDAP, Shibboleth and WebAuth. A single database, usually MySQL or Oracle, provides a transactional store of information while file storage is typically delegated to NAS or SAN solutions. In most production settings, Sakai relies on a back-end student information system (SIS) to provide it with student and course information, which Sakai consults via provider APIs.

Sakai 11 - complete list of Jiras (through latest maintenance of Sakai 11)

Sakai 11.1 - bugs fixed in the maintenance release

Sakai 11.2 - bugs fixed in the maintenance release

Sakai 11.3 - bugs fixed in the maintenance release

Sakai 11.4 - bugs fixed in the maintenance release

Sakai 11 System Requirements


Sakai 11 Install Guides

Upgrading from older versions of Sakai

Sakai 11 Readme - essential notes (also under Sakai 11 Install Guides)

Sakai 11 Morpheus (skin) guide

Community Support Statement

With the advent of the Sakai 11 series, official Community support for Sakai 2.9 ceases. Organizations running Sakai 2.9 (and earlier versions) are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the Sakai 11 series in order to take advantage the most robust community support and most current security patches. Sakai 10 is still supported at this time.


The Sakai 11 series is licensed under the Educational Community License version 2.0.